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Revolutionary Rabbit
Um hello I'm Li and I am a dorky teenage boy with a graphics tablet and over-active imagination. Of course, I don't actually have the patience to do anything with that imagination. Or do I? We'll see.

PLease look at my comic on Tapastic!
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@MadeleineRosca: Well it can't be good good. There is a possibility of it being mixed good but not good good.
Well this can't be good.
@MadeleineRosca: Is that a childhood TV show pun?
Have fun! You update so much, it's really great, and the pages are good quality too.
Ahh I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Your art is amazing, please keep up the good work and take care of yourself!
Glargh indeed...
And remember kids, keep your huge dorks healthy and water them daily!
I'm probably going to relate to a lot of this. Welp.
Wow I like that place's design.
And that's why they colonized Australia. Excellent. LORD what if it was possible for there to be undead babies. I highly doubt undead could reproduce but that would explain my poor circulation.
SOmething that happened to me:

"Here you go buddy."
" ... buddy...."
"Aw yiss"
"When did your memory get so bad?" [nervous laughter] If someone asked me that I'd have to reply with "when I was born."
I can imagine my father saying something like that, simply because his memory is as bad as mine.
@MadeleineRosca: Cool nicknames are good! Wheeee
@MadeleineRosca: I can if you want me to. It seems I'm commenting on almost everything anyway.
Sah yes sah!

That little fella looks so cool.
@LadyArrowsmith: They were humans too once. I doubt they'd serve you anything too horrid unless you treat them badly, they've gone mad, or they were cannibals while they were alive. Though, it's kind of hard to tell until after you've contrariety them, ey?
@MadeleineRosca: Keep up the good work!
This is brilliant. Just brilliant. Ahhh I love it already.
@crossstitch: The ship has sailed