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February 27th, 2014
So sad this is ending! But it looks like it'll be a 'happy end' heheh. And can't wait for that little surprise of yours.. ^^
I love them. They're just!
I'm hoping for a cute blush hehehe ♥
Heheh that handkertchiefs' box next to the bed... >3<
Nah but they're cuties~
Aaawww he's so cute~ and hot!
Haha that's one hell of a first time x's
@Chelseaa: I so agree with you 8D
Hahaha typical Taron x')
Kurogawa's so handsome though. But I don't like the fact they're two Kuros o.o poor Naoto's gonna have a hard time with them ;d;
AAh they're so cute it's killing meee ;3;
He's so mean ;o; Better fix that broken-heart!!!
February 18th, 2014
Oh no I don't want them to fight and break whatever relation they have ;d;
Haaa he's so mean ;d;

I like your style, it's very original :)
I like this, and I too love Kenzie in the first panel ;3;
February 12th, 2014
Omr what a bitch ><
But luckily Kenzo will be as awesome as ever and he will give a chance to Haruka.. I hope..
Noo Matt go away! >< Argh such a fucker.
Anyway, I really love your comic! Keep it up!
I absolutely love your comic! I am in love with Nine's eyes ;3; Keep it up! Looking forward for the next update!
February 9th, 2014
Duh I feel so bad for him.. D':
Aah I've discovered your comic yesterday and read it all in two hours! So cool, I really like the game-universe, and the Kuros.. CSP is so much fun, I love him ^^ Can't wait to see what's next!
Wow such an amazing comic, really, I absolutely love it! It looks like an actual manga! Tomoki's so cute, his owl hat omg. And Ryouta.. hehe Ryouta.. :B I like the plot, very good one.
I felt my chest tighten and my heart shattered when Yuki got rejected again.. It's so sad..
I can't wait for the next! Keep it up!!