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Hi, I'm Jun [FAKE NAME], an 18-year-old girl from Hungary. I'm tall, pale, and - according to my sister - I look WEIRD without makeup. XD
My favourite things are history, frappé, scarves, hats, wine and books.
I'm definitely not an obsessive fangirl, but besides het pairings, I also like boys' love. :3 And in head, I'm always slashing my male acquaintances.
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ROFLLL the last panel cracked me up so much XD <3
(I love Arthur's "professional methods" XD) I'm glad you're updating again!
baww, poor him *hugs*

I'm sure they'll meet for once at least *.* the story can't end this sadly.. right? *.*
I actually blushed while I was reading Ceasar's words... XD
he's so cute~ and he does look better with this hairstyle :D
wow, your art is stunning! *.*
I'm faving <3
It's Luther's birthday today, isn't it? :)
happy birthday to him & I hope he gets some nice b-day art. :D
*.* baww, so many new pages!~ lovely :)
I can't wait to see the next page *.*
I love this comic (L)
the idea is original and the characters are adorable so far~
I hope you'll update soon ^__^
I always wondered how could Mr. and Mrs. Dove have so many children, they're so different... I mean, I guess they were obliged to marry, but to... erm... reproduce this much?! :D
wahh I'm really happy that you're back with the comic! :3
I hope sooner or later we'll be able to get to know all the internet gods (;
ahah, I think Arthur just misunderstood Erik's words XD
but I love his hopeful expression! *.*
it seems like a bit... one-sided relationship. I wonder if that's gonna change? :3
but Arthur's teasing and Erik's resistance is just adorably cute, so... I love the comic both ways <3
wow, your art have improved a lot!!
Tsu looks much more manly on the cover page >w<
I'm looking forward to the rest :3
Eriky-poo! XD *bursts out laughing*
they're such a cute couple, I love them already :3
woww, your art is really amazing! *.*
Bishie-san is cruel but hooot XD
definitely faving *.*
noo who would delete this from their favs?? D:< just tell me and I'll go and punish her/him XDD
oh btw I'm so happy you're updating <33
lol Arthur (L) I already love him XD sexy seductive seme :3 *A*
*A* I rarely fav something if I've seen only a few pages, buut your comic is astonishing already X33
+fav and looking for moooore! :3
if Henry dies, I'll die too :CCC
btw the toning looks excellent on this page (L)
April 12th, 2008
ommg I love Vieau <3
which is surprising because I mostly dislike female characters XDD
but both Marie and she are so cute XDD

when will you updateee? *.*
bawwww Henry *A*
I hope it's nothing serious ;__;
March 30th, 2008
*gasp* Marie is so lucky :(
*sends envy rays*