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*Sigh*, look at news plz and comment.

Oh! Oh! Looklooklooklookitlookit!!! OMG I CHANGED MY AVATAR!!!!!!

...Sorry for my hyperness...
Thanks, guys, I'll write that down...somewhere...

Edit: And I STILL need a storyline...
No offence, but how else can I make those speech bubbles?

Edit: and i still need a storyline...
Hey, I never promised Sonic five bucks. Did I spell apprieciate right? Anyway.

First, I've been sick lately. Before that, I was being lazy.

Second, a family member of mine is sick with Cancer and will soon...well, you know what I mean.

Third, I need matierial. You know, storylines, jokes, backgrounds, sprites. I think I'm good on sprites, though.

Fourth, I want to know what people think about the comic by rating the comics, although I know there aren't that many people who really love this comic.

That's all.
*does something random* Weoeoeoeoooooh-hoooh!!!
I was feeling random, ok!?
Uh-oh. Crystal and Kirby are doomed to insanity...
Um. I'm back to look at comics...yeah...I've been gone...Is this important...This comic is still rockin'. Yeah, rockin'.
Edit: Meme? Me no get-get. *hides from all Meme things*
You don't know Ryan?
He happens to be author of "Ryan and Joe". Needs an update, but I'll go check it.
You have a tendency to burn things, Ryan. (See latest Ryan and Joe, I think. )
I thought this was funny. Yeah, only two panels, but funny...right? Comment plz.

"A noob has gotta do what a noob has gotta do"
Edit: I thought this up myself, and bg credit goes to Viiper (yes, with two i's) from the Spriter's Resource for the Green Grove Zone from Sonic 3D Blast (I think) .
Edit #2: Yes, my sprites are a Sonic recolor...with pants!
Comic coming soon, tell me if it's funny plz. was two days ago when I commented here...
Where do you get that "Barraz's gf" sprite anyway?
An update? Naw, really.
I spent 3 hours on this, so enjoy.
Sonic's original sprites look like crud. XD
Edit: The zone and act thing will come later, sonic ripped by Polar Koala from the Spriters Resource (I think), Eggman ripped by Psycosis91, Damien the Bat, Repoman, Psuedo, and RLan from various sites.
Thx, but "have metals face"? Huh?
This is just bound to be fun. Also, in case you didn't get it, Sonic slipped on "the slimey stuff", so now Tails has to help him yet again...
Edit: Also, see the two gaps in the loop? That's why I call it "The Crappy Loop!" (dun dun dun)