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April 23rd, 2018
I see a pin.
April 22nd, 2018
O levels? A levels?
Well, that is surprising.
@Anonymous: I think she was used....I don't really blame her. What did she do? Had sex with her superior - that's a delicate matter.
February 25th, 2018
Interesting - we pronounce it as ustad.
February 23rd, 2018
I want those baggggsssss!!!!!!!!!
But....but...he just washed himself.....why?
as an asexual and aromantic, I understand.
February 12th, 2018
eww if there's something I really hate it's smoking. That a huge no for me.
@IronDog: SO TRUE!
February 11th, 2018
Actually, dealing with those subjects in a non-romanticized way is something I do want to read.
January 30th, 2018
Start by putting on a sunscreen
January 27th, 2018
@FrostyLostWoods: Same here, same here.
January 1st, 2018
Smoking in the same house of a baby?
i still think Gram is using Nutro....
Not seeing your friends and family - that's really cruel. And I'm guessing they are already mourning because they think he is dead.
that doesn't seem very mutual.
Talking to my religion acquaintances like this seems so familiar.
I have tbh, if something like this happened to me - i'd be hella scared. I'd think the guy might be a rapist/lunatic/drug addict.
As someone who lives in the Middle East - please take the light as well. It's hell.