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So, yeah, I'm a cartoonist for my school's monthly news paper for four (?) years now. Probable Enemies is the comic strip I've been working with and I'd like to continue working on it because I was kind of limited with the news paper, what with it only publishing once a month and all.
I'm gonna publish some other works here too, but that won't happen soon, so I hope you enjoy Probable Enemies in the meantime.
Welp, now I have "The Tricksters Abreast Tales" up and going, why don't yall check it out?
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Now I don't do much martial arts so I had to research this bit

Basically, I'm 70 percent sure this is a thing beguiners learn in karate
Woo friendship bonding time
You can get ahead of the story with a purchase on amazon ords=The+Tricksters+Abreast+Tales+Volume+3&qid=1565320164&s=books&sr=1- 1
it's probably cheaper

I'm not sure why that's a thing, I don't really use that link
@Negi: Google says that it's greek for 'black dog'
We're not gonna be in the digital realm for long...
"Responsibilities"? What's that??
Que Swarma-like Ending
Sorry for missing the last update, Nathin needed a break on his birthday.
That costume is practically instinct by now
Sorry for skipping the 1st of March, we're catching up with the colored pages
@WindowMaker: Thanks! I've tried the traditional @#$% but it just didn't look right to me
A good selested few of you brought preview packets that I sold at conventions, lets see how much changed since then...
@WindowMaker: Lol no, it's one of those shelves that holds papers
Also happy new years!
The end of the year can be a crazy time for jobs, don't worry, it's almost over
They're going to see fireworks, also I hope you have a happy holiday!
hey sorry for missing the last update, I got sick but I'm feeling better now.
New fancy outfits for the fall