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So, yeah, I'm a cartoonist for my school's monthly news paper for four (?) years now. Probable Enemies is the comic strip I've been working with and I'd like to continue working on it because I was kind of limited with the news paper, what with it only publishing once a month and all.
I'm gonna publish some other works here too, but that won't happen soon, so I hope you enjoy Probable Enemies in the meantime.
Welp, now I have "The Tricksters Abreast Tales" up and going, why don't yall check it out?
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Chapter 1: New Girl Meets Shy Guy s-shy-guy/

I dunno why I didn't do this earlier, when you click on the "first page" link it goes to an un-chaptered file rather that the actual first page and I'm unable to re-arange it - for some reason.

The link should work and it is advised that you click it if you want to read the story right away, hope you enjoy!
You guys remember Mary from Ch3 right? Just wanted to see how she'd look like if I drew her now.
I like designing clothing, they help tell you a thing or two about a character without spelling it out.

Or they just look good in the outfit.
TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN!!! Have a spookey night!
It's an attempt of sorts.
Let the cosplay commence!
unfortunately, for Nathin, it was chipped.
I wanted to wait until the comic on my Tapas account caught up

I think its so cool that you guys stuck with the series so far and I hope the comic can continue soon.

I plan to work with determination to finish Volume 3 by December- or at least get enough done to be comfortable enough to start updating pages again.

And hey, this can be a great opportunity to catch up with the story if you're new!
@ashtree-house: like solid snake
@ashtree-house: No one's none the wiser!
So bassically, he picks on E.B. because he can
Gasp! He grew like two inces!
first time experienceing a midlife crisis.
Eliot has a small collection of dolls that catch his fancy.
@aceOfTricks: I named it cherry
No animals where harmed during the making of this Chapter
In case you haven't heard, you can now go and buy "The Tricksters Abreast Tales: Volume 2" on Amazon!
Comic will continue to is regular schedule on August 1st
It was love at first sight...
No one yells at Eliot's mama
They shop for shoes next.