hello! I'm chocari, I have a strong interest in video games,animation and comics and hope to one day work in the animation industry!
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threeeeeee yeaaaaaaarssssssssss
@Scorpio730: What it is with Willow is that if he wants to say something, he will say it, which he does good or bad. For the most part his only filter is keeping his mouth shut. If He has a friend and he is willing to die for that friend then he will look that friend in the eye and tell them so.
Willow trying to be a slick fucker with stealth ear touch. Does he really want to comfort Huxley or does he just want to touch the round velvety kitty ear.
@FinyMime: sadness so thick and bright it'll leave an emotional after image when Willow closes his eyes.
@Riaya: I'm kinda the same! Me and my older sis shared a small room growing up and had only one bed. we use to chat a lot during the night about random things. She moved out for a few years and recently came back and now we'er both so use to sleeping on our own we can't really sleep in the same bed anymore ( we'er still really cool with each other tho)
@Charvi: As long as you get that cathartic feeling I don't see why not.
@Demon's Lil' Angel: Huxley can be very shy the first time sharing a bed with someone, especially with human males. The more Clawzer parts of his personality is not really something he lets out a lot but it's something he can't really control in his sleep.
Have you ever laid in bed with another person ( like in any state of relationship, romantic or platonic) and just talked to them when you should have been sleeping? That has it's own sorta feeling to it doesn't it??
@InkyBinky: next to the winter line this is one of my fave convos in the whooooooole comic so far!
I hope none of ya'll forgot about Huxley's KITTY VISION!! BOY HAS SPECIAL EYES!!
something i should have added before
I have waited years , YEARS for that line to finally be online where people can read it. Willow is my beautiful, sassy, assholeish son. AND OH SIDE NOTE THAT I WAS SLOW AS FUCK TO ADD on page 7 when the woman called attention at willow's looks I apologize if any Asian readers where offended by that (tho no one has stated that to me but). this comic does take place in the 1920s so if I try to include the fact these people are lowkey or highkey racist ( tho at no point it will take on that much time but you know...1920s, they can't be all that PC) I WILL try to word it in the safest way I can and also it will not show up that often. and a reason I included that moment is because I am mixed race myself so from time to time I do get comments like that myself so I thought it would be a fun thing to include for myself and maybe any other mixed race folks if they " know that feel."
February 24th, 2017
@Scorpio730: But Willow's gotta trasfer that rage of failing to kill Alde somewhere, along with a small hint of other feelings that rise up from this woman asking personal biz!! dude just...isn't very good at making friends.
February 4th, 2017
@Amega: Clawzers are desert dwellers by nature, they are use to surviving extreme bs. Willow would have had better luck killing them by stealing all the blankets in the house and locking them in a room with giant ice cubes (they are cold blooded and just have 0 tolerance to cold)
January 27th, 2017
@elleesttrois: Thank you!! I spend a lot of time on this comic really trying to push myself.
January 18th, 2017
@Scorpio730: lol man you REALLY want alde to eat it. Willow's done with trying to kill folks tho, for the moment.
January 6th, 2017
hey Guys!! I just wanted to say, pls no extra hate to this girl who is indeed trying to flirt (and failing) with Willow, again I can't stop yall from hating her but I'm pretty wary of how female chars are treated in Bls.

A bit more on this if ur willing to read it,
I've been reading BLs since I was 14-13 years old so I know what a good amount of cliches and tropes are for Bls and there are some I want to avoid the hell out of, the tops being
1- shitty female characters
2- pointless misunderstandings
3- rape is love
And its not that I think female characters can't be shitty but it's more that a female character is shitty because that is how she is as a person, womanhood has nothing to do with it.

ALSO SIDE NOTE: Im not sure how great I am at drawing diff races but Willow is Brazilian/Korean.
So i opened up a gumroad to sell pdfs if you guys wanna read the comic on the go!! link here --->

* If you wish to support my pateron please note I have very low energy so it's more for support for the comic more then getting side gifts and rewards! I do early updates there and once in a while side history stuff
link here---->
November 11th, 2016

Ralend's right about that, Willow is not a "good guy". Morally he's grey, both him, Huxley and everyone else is grey, for me a straight up "good" or "bad" character is pretty boring. @Nekomata99 Why he did it will be shown and talked about later so no spoilers into his character now!
November 6th, 2016
@Candychains: Aida is safe, he made sure of that. Willow is one petty mofo who does not know how to properly deal with someone
upsetting him... mostly because this is the only way he knows how to deal with them ;w;