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'Ey there, buddy, this is me. I tend to be a lurker, just wandering on the net, though sometimes the urge to comment is too great. That's why I signed up-draw a comic? Are you joking? The only thing I can draw somewhat well is stuff with the shapes and designs of madness characters! A step over stick figures, with my lack of detail! No, no, I write, and I'm not here to write. I come lookie! Especially at humor/romance-among my favourite artists is most certainly Devdasi! :D >^_^< Maybe I'll see you, maybe you'll see me. Until then, un bon jour à vous, mon ami. (That may or may not be written right. Not doing so good in french class...)
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Got (Or anything above paint, lol.) Then just put the speech bubbles on another layer and squish it all after.

(Or would they pop out too much? It's legible either way. Or is it not to you?)
I was away a while...
Spent the last five hours on catch up. Huh, up to date at last. (Was kind of hoping I'd stumble across a 3rd warrior intro by now, XD) I think you're fine, DK-just flashy. :P
Who here actually has a life, anywho? *does NOT put hand up* See? XD Blargh. 16, got a 37 tauren druid.
The first three backgrounds were eye hurty
Still awesome turn out though.
Oh holy-
THE ALICE PLOT!? Christ, that feels like it was a hundred years ago. XD
lmao Sweet stuff. Rawr!
Agreed, have a spine. lol But anyway, I've got a sixteen year old bff that's utterly FLAT. :P Two or three, actually.
The meat is talking. I like this page.
Awesome chappie,
Now excuse me while I go tap that next button... Hey, c'mon man. Why isn't it working? *tap* *tap* *tap* Whaddya MEAN this is #108!? *pout*
Seems great
Gah though, I feel like I'm hanging off a cliffie here! Tell him what?
Gods, this is just... :P Been off for two months, and it's still GCs, lol. Ah well. Keep goin'! :P
February 22nd, 2008
There goes all childish worship this "thing" might have had.
"Yes sir!" *waves with hand that has blood gushing out* XD
February 10th, 2008
Updates, updates, updates, been forever!
February 10th, 2008
Niha's adorable
February 10th, 2008
What's with the shoes?

EDIT: Not to say they are not awesome and surely hell to draw.
February 10th, 2008
Appropriately chilling, that is.
Keep him talking-he's fun to listen to!
It's unanimous-everyone here things Pemou is at least possibly pure evil.