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I love to paint
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I really like the artwork in this comic. I will have to read more later.
I really like the artwork! It looks very painterly. ;3
Pikachu hoodies are cute! I have one too.

I really like the comic's art. It looks very unique. This story is starting differently than most Pokemon stories I've read. I will read more in the future.
February 24th, 2016
I really like the pacing of this comic. It's not too slow and it's not too fast. It is at a pace to where I can follow what's going on to some degree. I'll have to read more later.
I glanced at this page at first not really registering anything. Then the last block of text said, "there's something I can't put my finger on". After I read that I noticed the eye in the shadow next to the kid with eye sockets. Then everything came together.

I really like how it isn't obvious. I also like the art style because it reflects the genre.
I really like the way this comic is starting. I've never played PMD, so I tend to read comics to get the experience of it. This is off to a good start. It doesn't seem as generic as comics I've seen in the past.
February 24th, 2016
Really good art
I like your art. Sometimes the speechbubbles can be hard to follow in the right order. I also get confused when there's multiple actions happening in a single panel. Their tails at times seem really long but I'm not sure if that's because of the anatomy they are based off of or not.

Oh and I think the Phoenix is supposed to say, "You guys should watch where you're running."

I really like this comic. I will continue to read more.
I really like the art. I also like the way the story starts. It jumps right into the good stuff while giving out info we need to know.
I really like the art style. I think it fits the mood of the story. It really does look vintage, but in a good way. I plan to read more later.
I just read the whole comic. It was an amazing read. I can't wait to see more from you. :3
This strip made me laugh. :3 I haven't been reading webcomics in a a while, but this was a good one.
You're Using Style Now. =]
It's nice to see that you are making an effort to draw the Pokémon as you see fit. That is one of the main things an artist does. A good example you would probably know would be Neko, author of Stuff of Legend. She makes her Pokémon look real and muscular. Now I see that you are drawing to draw them the way you want to. That's one of the great steps to becoming an artist. It even brings a more larger sense of achievement knowing you may have drawn something tedious and turned it into your own little monster, so to speak.

Just wanted to share that with you. ;)
In a commenting mood today.
I'm trying to start commenting more often on my favorite comics.

Anyway, it's nice to see you decided to remake it. That just shows that your skills have improved. I generally don't like remakes because they don't remind me of the original, but yours actually does. This is really nice, in a subtle, random, funny sort of way.

My only problem thus far is that I don't like the font. It might just be my personal preference.
Pretty Promising.
This comic will have some future to it, seeing as Pokémon comics on Smackjeeves are either sprited, or are about Mystery Dungeon. It's too early for me to give out full length criticism.

I'll fav this and see where it goes.
Totally late!
I should have commented this a long time ago. Haven't been on Smackjeeves for a while, but it's nice to see you updated.

Also good to know that you'll never just "give up". I hate when webcomic authors do that.
Cool Panel Layout
I really like the way you did the panels in this page. I can't ever seem to get flexible with my panel format in my comic.

I really like how you used both of them to do a single attack. Though the Iron Tail attack could've had more of those artistic blurry lines to show where it was at first and then to the result of the motion. It's hard to explain it. I've seen in some comics where the character is having a heavy motion, they have faded blurry lines the get stronger with the current pose.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then don't worry about it. I kind of wish I knew what it was called so it would help better.
Shiny Ribbon
That ribbon is so shiny. I think you could add in some small white highlights on your lightess tone and smudge it in to make it look more shiny. You don't have to do this, just a suggestion.

The drawing in this comic looks okay. The only beef I have is that sometimes one eye is bigger than the other. Like Chikorita in the first panel.

Hope you get rid of your spyware. It can be a real pain.
Lol Pacman. xP
The Smokescreen is okay but I think it could have been a bit thicker. It looks more like dust than smoke. I guess in good time, you'll be able to work something out.