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im now 17 as my user name says im shy but once ya get to know me u cant shut me up lol ^_^ my hobbies are drawing,writeing songs and writeing poetry, my fave color is green why? cuz it's SEXY!!! lol
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WOW ^////^ i realy love ur comic..
shygirl likey ^///^
looks great so far ^_^
i love how u drew the charicter
charles seems nice to ^_^ evilness must not run in the familymuch ^_^
now gerard shygirl likey he's nice ^_^
so many rules...yep ide screw up big time ^_^
she reminds me of the step mom from i think it was cinderlla im not sure though i never was into thoes kinda movies
yep defanantly a motherly figure ^_^
wow..thats a lot of kids O_O
hee hee Liams so short it's cute ^_^
ooh first comment i feel all spetial inside ^_^
aww thats sad haveing to watch ur mom die
i love it ur an exalent artist ^_^