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@Wolf Davidson: Uhm sure, you can share my comics as long as you credit me back. Also my dA account is more up to date than Smackjeeves (although I'm on hiatus now) -
@Noob : yes I actually made a contest about finding out which quest it was back on my deviantArt page ;)
That's it, the final part of The Bravest! Thanks for sticking around everyone. See you next time!
Sorry for the long wait guys. Got some technical and health issues along the way :/
Ugh, I hate this page so much... >_<
This is how Iona says "Time's up bud".
For the record, these are fire runes, not summoning circles :P
Inigo might be new to this whole Follower business but he sure learns fast :U
Yay Inigo finally changed his armor to something that's easier to draw! TTwTT (I even updated the ref sheet if you're interested:
Poor Yamarz. That little ball of darkness has some nasty temper there.
Just wondering, what do you think Malacath's expression should be in the last panel? ;D
If any of you hoped for a real, fearsome Daedric Prince to make his appearance, then... I dunno, marvel how he almost resembles a totally creepy floating eyeball of doom at the second to last panel :P
Note to self, giving rare alchemy ingredients to strangers can cause earthquakes.

I'm sorry an update took this long, I've explained myself on my dA account if you're interested.
What? Don't tell me you don't carry this stuff around for occasions such as these :P
Well about time, I was getting tired of drawing fire!
Hooo, it's sure been a while... But Ja'Khajiit is back! :D
I know this part is terribly short, especially after such long absence, but...
Well, that's how I planned it. Yeah, totally.
@Deonis: EXACTLY
Final part!
Family has grown :,D
Casually dropping this here...