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I'm gone for like half a year and come back to the cuteness that is is great right now!!
Mad respect for her! I love her!
We all need a Mel in our lives. He's a gift!
Sometimes experience is the only thing you need. That's why I say that wisdom doesn't always come with age.
Brynn has cried seven times so far. Ten if you count that flashback about his parents and the time he was freaking out about what to wear for their date. Five times were Arco's fault. Oh, and Arco has cried once........seems I have plenty of spare time on my hands.
@FluffyRhino: Them young whippersnappers with their fancy new slang
@SoulRaider116: I read this in their voices
Russel is a true bro
February 16th, 2017
@Kimmikala: imma call it "the college look" cuz my hair looks like that too
I really really want to use the last one!!
I always get so happy when you update!!
He didn't save did he
This makes me wanna facepalm so hard I'll give myself a bruised face -_-
As a person who loves baking this makes me both laugh and cry at the same time!!
@CityFairies: I work at a little shop where we sell crepes, boba tea, and frozen yogurt but we also have food crepes so basically we cook, clean, prepare drinks, serve, and basically everything besides being the owner
I just found this and read it in one sitting and all I gotta say is I identify with this comic so much! Kinda reminds me of my own work
That's how I react to sharks. Sometimes people think I'm crazy because of that