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I'm an illustrator/comic artist trying to figure out what I want to do in the art world. I love creating stickers, comics, and short animations. Sometimes, you may find me passing out stickers at concerts. I am also the creator of Goch the Whale.
I decided to move this comic to TAPASTIC.
I decided to move this comic to TAPASTIC. I also am currently working on Chapter 2 and will post it there. HTTPS://TAPAS.IO/SERIES/SUPA-GUITAR-GUARDIAN
Love Beam Girl discovers a bit of her powers.
Every girlfriend is a magical girl.
Mr. Cott needs a drummer!
How would you explain strange events to your best friend...?
The new character, Merri, is inspired by my good friend, Tiffany! Please check out her awesome artwork!
My friend Chris is the pastry chef! Please check out his cooking blog! HI CHRIS!
Amy from I Heart Moosiq is eating cake in the background!
Goch the Whale makes a cameo as an alarm clock! (
The contract scene is influenced by the anime, Madoka Magica.
KDDD is a reference to UC Davis' radio station, KDVS 90.3FM. ( I also like to use "KD" instead of "XD" when typing emoticons.
Cow University is a reference to UC Davis' "cow town".
"Arbeit" is German for work and is also a loan word in Korean and Japanese for a part-time job.
Sailor Moon's Luna makes a cameo in the "LOST" sign!
I Heart Moosiq is an awesome music blog owned by my friend, Amy. HI AMY! (
DJ Liz is based off of Liz Wood (twitter: HeyLizWood), who is a DJ in Irvine. HI, LIZ!
The poster on the left is COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' ROBOT EP album art! (