I'm EnceladusTrainer, but you can call me Cel for short.
I like drawing, reading, cooking and other fun stuff.

Feel free to make the comments as casual as you want. But, please keep conflict to a minimum. Thanks.

I'm currently taking a BA in English Language Teaching.
I'm also self-teaching myself Japanese and Ukrainian!
So, if my update schedule turns to crap you now know why...

Some awesome webcomics that aren't on SmackJeeves;

Slightly Damned (sdamned.com)
The Junk Hyenas Diner (junkhyenasdiner.com)
Age of Clay (ageofclaycomic.com)
Sandra and Woo (sandraandwoo.com)
Gaia (gaiacomic.com)
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Poor Shark! (poorshark.com) [ON HIATUS]
A Pessimistic Sense of Inadaquacy (psiwebcomic.com) [ON HIATUS]
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Wow, that must've taken AGES to do... Totally worth it! :D
Lisa looks really badass in the second panel! ^^ Also, lol I just saw the lighter. XD
@zacksims123: It just tastes like regular cheap ice-cream; it's passable. Although cheap-UK and cheap-US ice cream probably taste completely different. ^^;
@zacksims123: OK, see you later then. ;)

Also, does Nezumi have a coloboma? It looks like it.
Nezumi should come to the UK! Here, unless labelled as 'dairy,' ice-cream doesn't contain milk-fat (it's made of bleached deodorised hydrogenated vegetable oil D:>).
@zacksims123: Thanks Sal'! I'm sure you will... at some point. ^^;
"Don't you think you've seen enough?" - Lara Croft, Tomb Raider II
Well this is it guys, thanks for sticking around this long: it really meant a lot. Remember, if you want anything PM me. :)

To see an alternative version, check out my DA account: http://enceladustrainer.deviantart.com/art/35-Riding-off-into-the-Sunrise-561179394
Meanwhile in A&E...
@stickwill: I don't see anything wrong with her. :/
The only "wrong" thing I see is the re-appearing arm in panel 4 ;P
dark and mysterious...it's so purty! >:3
@zacksims123: Neither: he worships Lord Dome and his light-hound Flareon, for the night is dark and full of terrors.
@zacksims123: "Lookin' to monkey around, eh?" - Kelly, Smoggy Skies.
“From all this gloom life can start anew and there’ll be no crying soon.” –Queen, Dear Friends.
The penultimate page...
@zacksims123: If you ever run out here's some more: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/rhb/20120606/p1
I remember first reading this comic ages ago with the original artwork. Needless to say, I was shocked when I saw this again. Great job you two! \^.^/
Cress: Draw me like one of your Kalos girls. *shot*
At first I thought they were the scattered nigiri, but then I realised they were pokeballs. XD