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Let's see...For gameplay balance, a Crit Fail following a Crit Success should effectively wipe out all all of the adjustments. Therefore, since these rolls were for the Valkrie's Social Reaction, I'd say she's remaining Neutral.

So far...
Oh, but this particular political joke is soooo accurate. The biggest problem with socialism is that the government quickly runs out of other peoples' money to spend, because nobody has incentive to work & pay taxes...In essence, socialism is a direct counter against itself. Literally, it's an oxymoron & whoever heard of a moron that had any common sense?
So, one player has put his quarter into the video game & is now waiting for other players.

Yeah, I see the link to the game from here...In this case, the video game itself is the government.
I, for one, have a very high level of tolerance for lactose...
I agree with Smelly...Those self-ambulatory tentacles find their way into *everything*
Well, if the Ogre eats the chocolates, then he won't have to waylay passers-by for lunch money...For one day at least.

The "warrior" might still owe Jeebes his backpay, but it looks like the Ogre is the one who gets the payoff.
@Sherbert T Cat:
This comic reminds me of a one-panel cartoon I saw a long time ago; It shows a dog with a depressed-looking expression talking to another dog - The caption underneath read, "My Master loves me. He'd do anything for me. He had my balls cut off."

It made me think quite a bit...
Yeah, well, both that cat & Fel are talking about the human species here; We've got plenty of examples of humans (both male & female) who do pretty much the same thing TO THEMSELVES! Willingly & voluntarily!