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Psycho Midnight
DOLLFIEEEEESSSSS....*cough* Dollfies are my obsessive hobby. Baking and the Culinary Arts are my "occupation" although i don't actually have a job in the field yet, considering i'm still in highschool.

Oh yeah, I procrastinate. So....don't kill me if i don't update often XD;
guuuuuuuuuuuh gimme mooooreee! dang you cliffhanger!
Okay so i was going to make this drawing smoother on the computer, but when i scnned it in i kinda liked the sketchy-ness of it, so i left it as is.
Dezz is a skinny little thing. She needs to fatten up. XD

Once again i shall remind everyone that i will be away on a 2 week trip to california so i shall not be able to update until i get back. I'm leaving at 4:00 tomorrow morning =___= yay.
Just a simple transition page. I'll be posting the chapter 1 cover page tomorrow. like i said before, after that there will be no updates for 2 weeks as i will be in california with no acess to a scanner or the internet.
Okay so, resizing is a bitch. it's hard to see some of the little details. In the two panels in the middle, She is plugging in her artificial eye into a little port behind her ear. incase you can't tell. also, the streaks in her hair are missing from those two panels because i want people to focus on the artificial eye.

Please forgive the fact that none of my pages look quite the same ^.^; i'm still not used to screen toning and i'm trying to find my niche.I like this page the best so far though. I'll be posting some cover art within the next two days (i think) but i'm leaving for california this sunday so i won't be able to update after that for two weeks.
"masturbation" rhymes with trepedation. =D
Just a filler sketch of Dezz until i can get around to posting a new page ^__^