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I draw gay comics if ya like it

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Eeeek! I forgot to update this lol.
But don't fear! I'll make another page later today :))
His mom is just always in the most awkward situations lol.
@VixxenInk: I also agree with that, it makes you more interested in the characters :3
@Poppy: Yeah, that's very true lol and thank you !
This chapter will mostly just be them talking but don't worry cutesy stuff will come later on ~~~
O shi his mom found out his true nature !!! 😶😶
You guys guessed it correctly lol :')
Thanks for the many comments! :3
I had to speed chapter one just so I could start the second chapter lol. I just want this comic to be really cute
@VixxenInk: he isn't the kindest character in the story lol
This is actually the end of chapter 1 hah. But onwards to chapter 2!
@YukixKaname1: lol he probably is playing it right now
Hope you guys are enjoying this :3
I'm also very bad at drawing backgrounds lol
@lorifix: Thank you :')
im bad at drawing little kids lol
This is gonna be hella cliche and gay beware!
@00Stevo: she really is!! cx
August 29th, 2015
Gawhh just admit it already x3
"I wonder why" she says XD
Welp we all know what happened to her now~~