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pretty sure under 10 milliseconds is humanly impossible
purple could be sneaky, non-evil mischief
so quantum is pichu?
one of my D&D buddies once made a character in 3.5 that was a duskblade/cleric that healed people by hitting them with his greataxe. he called it the Clergyblade
shows over folks, id say everyone can go home now but everyones dead
this is why you never hire a kirby to work at a food place
the hamster ball of safety
@Warpstar: heck yeah, im a big fan of bo staves as well. although when it comes to ninja-ing i prefer a kusarigama
wait were those clouds always shaped like that
so just doing away with the CYOA element entirely this time, then?
oh, its name is ERROR, that must mean the little one is BAGU
@Nashew: considering that Ulti's green is usually found only at the hospital..
@JovanW: she died and this is a new cycle of her life i think
maybe one day you will even surpass the doo
she looks gold-ish to me actually
did the Doo undergo mitosis in that last panel?
looks like i caught up just in time for the storm
so..cotton is the heart rod incarnate?
oh hi there Nika