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did silent just abuse screen wrap?
i guess he broke the glass
to set off bombs under prisoner, just break glass
looks like im caught up just in time for the end of the crossover
you are the only one of these kirby spriters that ive seen actually add hilts to the swords when they arent being held
@Light and Shadow: like goku and literally all of the z-fighters except his kids
He gave up too soon, obviously the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is "How many times do you have to try to get rid of silent-dee before it works"
Kirby's plan is working!
hey doo if you ever have any questions ive had some college classes on photoshop
in D&D 3.5 it is possible to stand on clouds but it requires an epic level character and a DC 120 balance check
how do they manage to keep it a secret with such an obvious password
^ thumbs up to this post
stab the background wall
make sure to do some fancy falling on the way to the ground
also for clarification i didnt mean the robot isnt cool too, just figured it had less chance then the copy powers XP
just got Planet Robobot today, and its making me think, disregarding the robot it has some really cool new abilities besides that, will we eversee them in the comic?
who is that in the window? i cant tell
tribute usually implies a sacrifice, which means we would die if we tried to push it down ourselves so...

Try to convince a spider to sit on the switch instead
Hey, Doo, whats your thougths on [S] Collide, the End of Act 6 animation of Homestuck? I thought it was 18 minutes of pure awesome but wont say anymore in case you havent watched it yet