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Greetings. I am Sky Kirby, also known as Light Terra. My current occupation is the Guardian of All Life. I have a severe case of split personality, but it is for the greater good. My squad, the Sky Kirby Squad, is currently based on Dinosaurius, which is also my home planet. I have an uncountable number of allies, friends, accquaintances, "neutrals", rivals, and enemies.

Species: Classified
Height: 3 feet sharp
Weight: Unknown
Main Color: Light Blue
Foot Color: Normal Blue
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Colleagues: Shurizen, Servi, Xenalo the Yoshi, Skye Hiroka, Mando the Chameleon, Irith the Hedgehog, BluBreeze the Cougar
  • Real Name
    Light Terra
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If I had a dollar for every time I felt like blurting out the various names of Spectral Skills (Sonic Colors reference, by the way), I would be in possession of over 9,000...noctillion (yes, that IS a real number) dollars.
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*plays I Am All of Me-Big Arms Remix at terminal intensity while eating dry WAI-WAI noodles with a side of honey graham crackers*
Make his flautulance spontaneously combust at the worst of moments (in other words, make his farts explosive)! >:3D
@BattleStarX: In the first panel, I think you made a reference to a game called Spore Creatures for the Nintendo DS.
The exact same reference in the exact same panel only SEVEN COMICS LATER?!
Wait a minute...
@BattleStarX: What you said in the last panel, is that a reference to the epilogue of Sonic Generations?