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I'm Ashley. I like anime, and video games. ^_^ My favorite video games are RPGs, and my absolute favs are the Fire Emblem series, and the Japan-only series Sakura Taisen.

I also like to read, and my favorite author is Chris Wooding. I highly recommend his books to anyone and everyone. ^_^

I'm not the author/artist of Abby Normal Oddities. I merely am the manager of the real artist--ScarySeregwen. I handle updates and news and things of the sort.
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Unfortunately, a lot has happened and I can't give a solid date. Hopefully the comic will start back up again, but I really can't say when. Sorry. >_<

December 27th, 2007
She's been knocking the whole time? Whoops, lol.
Eh, don't listen to him. I like your comic, and people who just post how bad a comic is are morons who want attention.

I'm looking forward to more. ^_^
November 27th, 2007
Yay! Happy anniversary! ^_^
Heh, glad to hear you like him. ^_^ He's one of the artist's favorites too, so I'm sure we'll see lots of him!

Welcome, too! ^_^
Actually, yes, it is possible for you to cameo, lol. Although, technically, it's ScarySeregwen's decision, so she gets the final say. But if you want to be put in the comic, we just need a pic. ^_^

Disclaimer: You will not get a say in what actually happens to your character. You can tell us something basic, "I want to be in a comic with Seregwen!" but that's about it.

You can email me a pic (or a drawing of yourself, whatever) at ^_^
Late, again
Yeah, I knoooooow. I'm horrible. >_< I could offer excuses (I was sick >_<), but that doesn't really do anything.

There will be a new upate on Tues.

Also! Please remember to cast your vote in the polls. ^_^
Boy, how horrible are we? >_< Once again, life came straight at us at fullspeed and we were blindsided and left bleeding in a ditch. Ok, not really. But because of Life being a crazy driver, I regret to say that we have been forced to slow down to one update a week. It will be on Fridays, like it was when we started out. Sorry the comic has suffered from our Hit-&-Run, but hopefully, we'll go back to updating twice a week soon.


P.S. Make sure to cast your votes in the new Polling Page!!
I know, I know...not an update. >_< Let's just say...this week has been stressful. And know that that is an understatement. There should be a real update for Tues though.

Check it out!
Hey all! Please take a look at the new Polls page! Right now, it's asking your fav character. We'd like to know so we can feature that character in more up-coming comics! ^_^ Please take a moment and vote~!

OMG, plots! Are theys allowed?

Sure, why not. ^_^ It is such a suspenseful cliffhanger...and I'm not good at waiting. This is cruel.
Sorry for not getting a full update up. Assorted problems arose, and we couldn't finish a full comic. So, we come bearing a filler instead. ^_^

Rest assured, come Tuesday, there will be a new comic up.

And, for the first time, we will be doing an actual story line that will span several Chapters! Ooooooh. ^_^ It should be starting soon, but probably not on Tues. You'd had to ask seregwen...I'm being kept in the dark about it myself. *suspense*
I like cookies~! ^_^ Thanks!
Wow, what a compliment! Heh, talk about an ego boost. ^_^

Remember fans, if there's anything you want to see (i.e. certain characters, certain plots, even yourself!) let us know. ^_^ Also, if you want any bonus content. ^_^
September 15th, 2007
Yay for green wigs. I have one too. ^_^ Maybe I should go as Tern for Halloween. ~_^
Heh, glad you enjoy it. ^_^ There's many more on the way. ^_^

Hey Kerosene! Glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ (Also glad you followed the link, heh heh).
Lol! Luve the "castrating and free PSPs" bit. ^_^ Awesome~!
Thanks! We like fans. ^_^ Hope you continue to enjoy and comment. ~_^

If there's anything you want to see, feel free to comment or send us PMs or whatever. ^_^
How cute! Coffee, the wonder-drug! Although I think I like Tern better when he's riding on elephants. ^_^