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I'm a lazy shoujo artist <3
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@Stephe: Aww Sankyuu! <3
Avoue que t'es triste que c'est pas une partie compl├Ęte de son design hahaha! <3
@Phasmid: Aww thanks a lot <3! I'm happy to read that! I wish you'll like what's coming next :)!! <3
Some changes!
Hi little witches!
I hope you doing fine! Right now I'm a bit late for the update, I'm really sorry! I choose a day that, finally, doesn't really fit in my schedule. So I'll report it to today so I'll have time to finish and post the pages without going to sleep at 4AM while I have to go to work the morning and felling bad all day because of it haha!

Anyways! I hope you guys still enjoy the story! Don't be afraid to comment I love receiving comments :)! I got a smile each time a see a new comment haha <3
Have a nice day <3

PS : I really enjoy how Ailee's listening to the voice without freaking out about it haha xD
@Drakanor Dream: Ahaha! Yeah I'd like to be like that in a kind of way too! But balancing both in some was can obligate you to do '' evil '' things too, so I dunno, personnaly I would enjoy more doing good stuff you know xD!
Thanks for the comment <3
Hi little Witches! x2
I'll try to make two comic pages or three per week! Actually this week you guys only got one because I've ran out of ink to do Ailee's hair in a panel and I didn't had time to go buy some more @^@''! So the next week will probably be a 3 pages update!

Love you~ <3

PS: Also just to precise, chapters will not have a proper name. Each one will have the name first spell, second spell, third spell, etc... I'm pretty bad finding names.. so yeah haha <3
First Spell!
Hello little Witches!
So there we go! The first chapter is starting! It will start a bit slowly but you'll see everything will move more with the time!

DA link to the Artwork :3 :
I'm fanboying now <3 They're so cute omg <3 I can't wait to see how things will be in the future!!!!
Love your comic <333
Hi! Little Witches!
So this is the intro!
About now, I'll be posting a new page or two each Wednesday!
Don't be afraid to comment! I really enjoy receiving feedback about my works!
Have a nice day~~
Love you~

Nice to meet my new littles Witches :)!
Hai hai!
Welcome on my new adventure: Witchcraft!
I really wish you guys will like this story as I do! I'm pretty excited actually :)!
Also sorry if sometimes the English is bad, this isn't my first language, so if you see some error don't be afraid to say them to me :)!
Love you my little Witches, please enter in the fantastic world of WitchCraft~