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Will never be a pro (TwT)
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Well, well, well.. looks like the day has come! *dramatic music*
Not really, but this had to happen. I'm a pretty busy person and as school and other circumstances came in my life, I couldn't manage 2 projects at once.. so I had to choose between The Golden Thorn and Galaxia.
And I chose Galaxia because of the higher number of people follwing it and, OF COURSE, because it is a really important collaboration with my dearest friend/companion Fee Lynne.
So yeah, it happened! I hope you won't get too angry at me after this, because it already makes me pretty sad :(
However, here are the links to read Galaxia:

Please, keep following me there too! ^^ I do the drawings while Fee Lynne writes the story, although the style I'm using it's pretty different form the one you see in The Golden Thorn.
Again, thanks A LOT to every of you guys. Your support always makes me as happy as I could ever be.
Hope to resume TGT as soon as possible!
Kisses <3
@Sam-chan: you just made my day! ahahah
@MegaAnimeFreak7: *heavy breathing*
@LIFELINE COMICS: thank you!
@PonderingDreamer: thank you so much ;///;