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I like many things yep not very picky
*yawn* wayyy to bored to fill this out
T___T can't u just ask me? Pretty please?! T.T
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March 23rd, 2008
Poor guy, getting
sold before doing his job
that dude, what an idiot
Getting started on the new stuff
Finally with everything not really out of the way,
I can finally update!
Art Filly Baby
Yah i put this up too
Its a really good picture of me
but like it has my designer name on it
but its okay, i look FABBBBULLLAOUSS XD
says my gay friend Jordan. xD
Art Filly Baby
I know lot's of you think
i'm not going to update anymore
Momo con is comming so and i MUST
Prepare! That and i have a powerpoint
and a character esay due, so i'ma update
2 new comics on friday! :D
Oh and this is an Art fill
its a picture of me from Halloween
and soooo, i thought it was pretty
enough to fulfill your daily needs
since it looks so good
February 21st, 2008
Blue's in style B)
Well i felt
weird showing
my "hentai" skills
posted publicly for the 1st time
and if it was in "full" color
i thought pple would get the wrong
impression on Murad and Jamie.
They love each other with
a strict passion of "blue" lolz.
I thought turning everything
a sad blue color would show
the readers that its a sad
yet love-filled goodbye
to a sweet lover.
February 21st, 2008
"Entranced by you"
:3 how cute
Murad is ogling Jamie
I really liked the 1st 3 panels
where Murad loses track of what he's saying. Oh in the last panel in pink
it says "I'm entranced by you"
sorry i thought it was readable because
i could read it and i'm blind O.O
February 21st, 2008
Lolz soo that's where u been!? xD
that totally sucks, but yahh
Jamie gets around, they talk about sex without it bothering them cause they are based off some of my horny teenaged friends out here xD
omg its dated on my birthday!
February 20th, 2008
My bad!
Sorry its so big, but its such
a lovely page, no? x3
anyways i have more updates
soon, with my boyfriend
always nagging me to get off
the comp and come to bed its getting
hard to update in my spare time :3
February 13th, 2008
Page 6 baby!
Man, mature content on the way lolz!
Murad and Sayuri go off to an abandon shack to get some "privacy"
February 11th, 2008
Oooo la la
lolz, young love eh?
sneaking around and hiding
all day reminds me
of that ocean avenue song
:D its like "sleeping all day
staying up all night"
February 10th, 2008
4 up and runnin!
Ha, look at this one
sorry if u can't read the 1st panel
it says "blue tooth"
u know those devices that
make u look stupid
if ur talking in public
with no one with u?
February 10th, 2008
thanks for the comment!!
i love your comic :D, its about
rock lee!! X3 meh's loves him!!
and because of u, i put up
2 more comics :3
February 10th, 2008
Ha page 3 is up
don't u love how
fast i am with updates?
well more on the way in the next
hour or so xD maybe 30 mins
February 10th, 2008
Hehehe, :D
Ah! the second page! :D
man look at that classic
"crying girl runs to her room"
scene :3, i love the 1st panel
i didn't have to do any
editing when i drew it