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I am a tired, sassy and neurotic psych and art student who is simultaneously obsessed with the adorable and the psychologically intense.
My digital art is nothing to fawn over, but I enjoy illustrating the stories in my head, so I make comics.
My fan-comics may dwell from the Pokemon, Harvest Moon or Hamtaro fandoms. Hopefully, I will get around to making original stories as well.
"Try speaking American, it's the only language I understand!" was my first thought after the first panel. I see you, alt text.
Makes sense that the Pokemon world would establish customs limitations after so many criminal takeovers. :P
I wanna see the felted finger puppets behind a stage diorama, not gonna lie. :'D
I'm more impressed that Atty realizes that fire resists fire. Wow!
I got caught up in a TON of art homework, so uh. Here's a picture of the current team as humans just to post something! Sorry, I will get back to the comic as soon as I can.
Due to... "technical difficulties" (I ordered an updated art program and there were issues with the mail carrier), I am at the end of the buffer again. I will catch up soon, though!
@sconic123: ahahaha shhhh ignore the terrible knife drawing
@Koal: I considered that, but this is gen 2. I'm assuming Arceus doesn't have a name at this point.
It'll probably be a little bit before I get the next pages made, sorry guys!
Oh, nevermind, I'm good for ten days!
Oops. I ran out of my buffer at a cliffhanger.
Cute random kid.
Whoops, forgot to post the page amongst the server confusion.

Mel is the cutest of the cute.
Silver rages about as usual. And Glory's sporting the winter clothes.
Oh, look who's back!
Cipher members are super reliable.