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With DD back up and all the flaming I recieved here, I've decided that SJ is just the place I'll use to dump all my cancelled comics
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Aw, I was hoping Brogan would come back and kick arse
Seems fine to me
Just read through. Yay, another Aussie! 5 for you
That's nasty
This looks pretty good. 5'd and faved
*Fires shotgun at funeral 21 times. Every one runs off* We'll miss ya big guy
I wonder what'll happen when you go too far?
I wish this comic was on DD. I'll give 5s all the time if you come on (Here and there)
Ah Brittish humour, classiest of all. Also, I'm the only one in my grade who laughs at it because I'm the only one who gets it
I get bored on mini-sagas quickly as well. Nice ending though
I love it when people yell at me then look like idiots when I inform them it's their fault
I'd explain that last panel a little better if I were you
This comic inspires me to do a noir parody, like Scary Movie or Date Movie
Sounds like something I'd do. Five'd
This reminds me of the family Guy ep where they have Speed 3.

PS Whatever happened to that pilot you were making for Fox?
Ha, great ending. That actually reminds me of my friend's last day at Maccas (a girl around his arm as he flipped off the manager)