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i draw stupid comics.
uh oh
guys, corgi is a jerk intentionally *coughcharacterdevelopmentcough* anyways, sorry for the slow start of the comic, things will start to get a little bit more interesting!
@MinamiKou: haha thanks i just realized i didn't color those last two pages FAIL oh well ^///^

@kikcac: corgi is a drama queen after all lmao >___<

@BakaShinagami: thanks a lot! i'm really touched by your words and it only makes me want to do a lot better! thank you again! <3

@Kokkoii-Matoku: HAY GURL. haha thanks! btw don't worry, corgi is not always going to be like this LOL
EDIT: guys, my laptop can die any second now u___u now i know i can buy a new battery but this laptop is SO SLOW that it's even difficult to draw a single page ): so whenever i get to buying a new laptop is when the next update will be i guess T___T it's so hard for me to write this because i just started this comic AHH. sorry for the unfortunate news. anyway, until then guys <3
corgi ain't got time for no clubs.
@BakaShinagami: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS!! <33 they made me really happy reading all of them, thank you! also to answer one of your questions, the one driving the car is corgi's dad ^w^ thank you for liking him!

@MinamiKou: haha thank you for waiting, here are the new pages <3
corgi's mom is really lame muahaha jk.


@kikcac: haha corgi really doesn't lolol
sorry i couldn't update yesterday, had the fam over ^^;
EDIT: sorry for the massive editing i don't know what is going on LOLOL
@jonasfx: thanks for the comments!
i'll try uploading three pager a day since this is the style i'm going for ^w^b kay byeee <3