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XD Right after catching up on Evil Plan, I get treated to that cameo. Awesome.
@Guest: Yeah, that's right, the 'bracket thing' is a 'con sordino' which, more or less, means 'use a mute' or 'play with the soft pedal', depending on if you're using a wind instrument or an instrument with sustain pedals.
@letta: I think some of that came from Julienne.
> You get a strange sense of foreboding and decide to back away from the figure slowly and carefully.

(Sorry, I just had to do that one, even though I know it won't happen.)

> Greet the figure and find out why he/she is crying.
> Do both option A and B.
> Check to see if any of the stuffed animals light up and can be used to see down the stairs, possibly by chunking them down the stairs.
> Go back upstairs and try the door in the part of the hall you began in.
@Janobii: XD Yes, but this is Miz we're talking about. Anything to torture someone in some way. Besides, she'll probably jump in herself when there are no more alternatives XD
Ah, Mizuuma. My favorite character in this comic.
*gasp* Do we finally learn what Assok is?!?!
September 8th, 2014
*claps* I'm starting to love Lynn more than Wendy... Then again, Wendy is still more epic... Meeeeeh! Why you torture me!?!?
@linkstar21: and @MechanicalCH: Not quite. It's not 'Yu-Gi-Oh' it's 'Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series'. Do I get le cookie for being more specific?
@Koopario: I think you mean Chandelure.
July 25th, 2014
XD Very nice, Miyako
Absolutely love it! 80's songs are awesome!
I don't mean to sound knit-picky, but you've got two textual errors, both in the first panel. The first: 'fine' should be 'find'. The second: 'your' should be 'you're'
@Janobii: Well, I now know why I was thinking that... Thanks for using our telepathy to corrupt my mind!! XD
Things are about to get really bad really fast, aren't they?
@Surfersquid: Yup. Well, you may, and other people may, but I sell them and use the money to buy amazing medicine for the E4 and Champion.