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Personality depends on what mood I'm in. Usually catlike, prone to violent flights of fancy and long words.
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July 30th, 2008
I really love your art style! It's just the right amount of cartoony...
Why isn't this more well-known!?
Faved. :D
'Gotten' isn't a word!! D: *is a British grammar nazi*
I think "Am I the only one who does not have a boyfriend...?" is perfectly fine. Seriously! I don't see what's wrong with it!
Karin EXE: Because, of course, all us British people have bushy moustaches! ^.~
This page is AMAZING. I don't know how you do it, Nozmo! :D
They are EYELESS in the last panel. :D
Oh thank goodness! Your old style is <3
Einstein poster! I have one of those... *geek*
I love your drawing style, Devdasi!! So cute and beautiful... and of course your characters are amazing also. X3
I like his hair like that... ): Don't change it!
And I agree with hatsuchan, more Sammy is always awesome.
The 'DID YOU DO YOU HOMEWORK!?' poster is rather scary. But awesome. If I was an evil teacher, I'd definitely get one.
That had me laughing (and asphyxiating) for about 10 minutes! Yes, the kisses in BL are always way too slobbery, aren't they? I have always thought that...
Shouldn't that be 'You aren't worthy of being killed by me'? 0.o
Awesome comic, by the way. Love the art style and portrayal of emotions.
I am SO glad SCSC is back, yo8u have no idea...
Sammy is AWESOME. *.*
I love the first panel!
Wow! This is so cool! And I love your drawing style, it is very unique. :D
Love this comic so far! Your other one was amazing too, it takes me about 2 days to do even ONE comic page, so I am in awe.

Gender: Either, I don't mind what you refer to me as
Age: 16
Sexuality: Not sure, but I seem to have a thing for crossdressers (both ways). Never dated anyone, though, so not confirmed.
Remember the inner Kouri from earlier? I feel like that.
Yaaaaaaaaaaay... T_T
Well done Devdasi, my insides just imploded from THE CUTENESS OF BABY KURO-TAN! Kyaaaah! Kawaii!!!! And all that manga-related jazz. -.^