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I'm also known as red here and there, ;P
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Oh B, you should work your hair like that more often
Oh B, you should work your hair like that more often
Ooohh my!!! Bae is super sexy looking in that first panel...
25 ft wingspan is a fucking large wingspan...
I don't recall commenting here before, but I had to now. This page is so hilarious. I just ended imagining it like a movie scene... It would probably sound cliche but I just loved it!! Made me smile.
He smiled again... I'm glad... and sad.
Cute! He smiled!
September 1st, 2016
@Plexus: If we could like or love comments here, I would definitively love this comment! ☺
@Whitespirit: I'm the one tempted to draw fanart!
@Whitespirit: Oh yeah... those eyes...
AAaaahhh! Bobby smiled...
Oh long time no see, he is so cute!
Oh, he won't get to see Bobby come out of the house with Raine.
Now that I think that could be Bobby!
But but but where's Kaleb? Did he say a word to his bro?
@Chaos: Well. considering that big bad boy handsome hunk he lives with...
I just knew it.
Shit, I suspect it's Ash. I think he doesn't like Kaleb hangin around Kensie that much.