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I- ... Nah, I'm too lazy to describe myself.
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The difference between now and then is astonishing, really shows how far you've come GBA!
Atticus, what's your ideal Christmas present?
Grammatical error: when Spyro says "effected", it should be "affected". You affect something to cause an effect.
Excellent Doctor Who reference at the end. That fez will be instrumental. Fezzes are cool.
It says a lot about this pair that the only family-friendly page with them in it has animals ON FIRE.
"!-Sey" Oh Dewi, you so crazy...
Oh yeah, I forgot this was a Pokémon comic, lol. And that these guys existed! *re-reads*
... Can't say as a kid I ever did anything but laugh at the coyote getting seven shades of shit kicked out of him by his own shenanigans...
I have the feeling it's something to do with cars. He enjoys Top Gear, right? It's a possibility...
Oh man. DAT Giovanni. He's so chibi!
Go Butterfree go!
"I came here to kick ass and look adorable. AND I JUST LOOKED ADORABLE!"
@Foxblaze+spudwalt - Bryan.
Oh damn. DAT FACE. DAT FACE. That is priceless.
Good God man, give the fuck up... Seriously, there is nothing you can do!
I'm really loving the design of the Bug Catcher... FUCK HIM UP, DT!
Two grand. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. No matter how much I see it in the author notes, I cannot get my head around it.
I'm guessing it doesn't? :(
I love the apron. That is fantastic. And the font on "SNUGGLE" just killed me. DAMN IT, VYE!