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I miss you!
It's okay. I'm just happy it wasn't abandoned all together
I was wondering if you could tell me on which website your comic is most up to date as I have found this gem in several different places.
evil ginger
January 10th, 2016
I've been following this comic for about two years now and it just breaks my heart when you go into hiatus mode. I know that you've mentioned before that you don't really love this comic but I just want to let you know that I as well as many other people here absolutely adore it.

We can't force you to continue something you don't like but I just want to let you know that it is loved by your readers and that it really brightens up my day when I seen an update.
I agree with DSunny, this exchange is very interesting. Will we ever get more information about the trials?
Another update! I'm so excited!!!
I just thought that I needed to say this again

So I really like this comic but I'm kind of having a hard time following it at points...
Oh, there we go. Shirt gone :3
He should take Seki's shirt off
I have so missed this comic and am really glad to see it update :)
@Nadishko: Involve not Envolve. Just thought I would help :) I like this comic and wish for it to be as correct as possible
Psssh I's totally a condom lol jk...or am I? XD
Dat face in the first panel. Also looking at the last panel it almost looked like Alex was holding Bobby and I was about to squee but then I realized that they were both just standing there still holding the gun...
Not to be that person but...I need more pages, I love this comic so much and I so badly want to know what happens next.
But in the interest of the artist please take your time cause it doesn't matter how badly I want the pages, I will want and be here when they happen.