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Connoisseur of fine wine, aged scotch, exotic weapons, violent comics containing gratuitous Sex, Violence and Snark.
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    Richard M Tempelton
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@Merceneiress: As you seem pleased I will expect my usual consulting fee to be deposited as usual, in my Swiss account.
Uhh Tirin the first thing you might wanna do is equip that bike with some offensive armament. Have a nasty feeling your Dad may need saving soon or you may end up an orphan, again. Of course that might cause to cause Tirin Prime to tell the "Time Lords" to fly a kite so she can raise you.
UHHHH ooopsie, guess who won't be coming to dinner anymore. How long will it take Sarah to pack and move out, and move to where?
You can run faster when the bad guys chase you.
Actually it would not have surprised me if Lucy had come come out with, "Sarah I really like you but since you introduced me to Niki I haven't been able to keep her off my mind. I really want to date her."
@#Bo: No I think the Leathers with a cigar, but I see her putting him up on a St. Andrews and flogging him then make him her side table/ashtray.
BTW this knowledge is from reading and friends in the life style not practicing.
@skyangel: My theory about the Cranberrys, or that I'm a Dirty Old Man?
@Fruitbat44 I suggested early on that the Tuesday nights were for a visit to a S&M Club where poor Mr C is flogged and used as furniture for the enjoyment of her friends. The only use Mrs. C might have for the girls would be as maids and whipping girls for the club in general.

Yes-Yes I know I am a pervert a true Dirty Old Man.
Can I tag him out to go sit in the corner for a few hours?
First props on slowly developing the story till it reached this point, well done.
Second, as shy and inexperienced as she is I'm surprised she was the one to initiate oral. I would have expected her to have required some convincing to get here.
Is he still weapons maker to the Mad Emperor? Also I presume Tirin the Time Mercenary is no longer a fashion model.
From heroine of the "Time Lords" to devil incarnate, how fleeting is fame. Wonder how Tirin will deal with killing herself.
Shiny!! At a guess an assassination/kidnap squad from Tirin's mothers people. kidnap her kill every one around her, or kill her if kidnap is impossible. Poor Tirin never gets a chance at a normal life.
@Merceneiress: Good, hope she and Wendy get back together as a team. One question here I thought if the Alpha of the splitters died they all died?
There will be more from our heroine?
It's great how you have shown Sare to be able to maintain an amicable relationship with Janey. Is part of it due to repressed desire mixed with guilt along with the fact she doesn't want to face the implied rejection because she was cheated on.
Why not? Nothing you haven't done on a regular basis up til now.
Don't loose sight of your responsibility as a security guard Oscar.
Just saw this on SJ hope there will be more bad assery from this lady and her crew. Enjoying the reread.