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I love Muffins!
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hmmm i need to name my team tht
Wait Sonic has a Princess?
Wuv this Comic

wow... i think my life has stopped for a moment there
Nose bleed master roshi style
Chaos should be in street fighter
Darn you Yaoi fangurls!
Yeeah this was very scary and creepy
So is this Yaoi, wait hes a girl, but wait she's a boy, AHHHHH!!! NVM this is gnna make an idea for fanfictions.
in the games they show Amy's "Under Garments"though
Amy Rose Your Okay!
I actually don't hate Amy because I know she'll grow out of it when she's older
Holy Bananafana! That ever happened to one of my cousins I'd faint
Well us girls are really like this
I wuv icecream twoz!!