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Who the hell embarrasses someone as a bet and who the hell is Mark to call her freckles when that Ass has freckles himself
Are his flat mates there too or did something happen to them?
Last panel: "OH S*** IT'S THE FUZZ"
February 9th, 2018
where did the tanuki's eye tattoos go?
Heeyy bad fox don't bite him... you don't know where he's been
Poor Kodo good thing Gane is there to help her out with this one
this is the eight circle of hell where people who commit Simony are sent and punished by being buried upside down, and in some versions their feet are set on fire
and apparently kill demons who listen to it
that awkward moment when your friend is drunk at a party
saw the last page and i thought she was going to accidentally break its skull
she is officially my favorite character
February 19th, 2017
@MoonByte: your good thanks for the clear up
February 19th, 2017
what are Urucals and the other races and what can they do?
one dose not simply do that and say its nothing to talk about
he's so mature
@W.Wpickledeggs: yeah it was scarier that we couldn't find out where he was
@W.Wpickledeggs: my brother rolled under his bed in the middle of the night he wondered why he couldn't see anything when he woke up
don't you hate those days when you wake up on the floor