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So Sorry
@TheSpriterZ: So sorry for such a hiatus :( Been schooling hardcore and my professors just won't take their foots off of my throat, haha! Also, my main suped up laptop that contained my photoshop CS6 and every single sprite and map I've collected over the last three years broke to the point of no return so that pushed me even more back :/ However, I have no intentions of discontinuing so as soon as I finish building my new gaming/editing computer, I will definitely try to find as much time as I can in between class and work. I also have a youtube channel to manage and am currently working on the next script for my short film. In total, I've got LOTS of stuff going at me at once XD But don't worry I'm not gonna give up on this, so if there's any concern I hope I can reassure you and anyone else! Thanks for sticking around and Look forward to seeing you around the site still! Thanks for the support man :)
Hmmm did that Nuzleaf just evolve without a Leaf Stone? TRIGGERED!!!!
Piccolo boutta fuck some shit upppp I have no idea what the hell I am doing lmaooo Love you guys, thanks for reading! :D
Episode 1 wraps up! Sorry for the leave. Life is stupid and I wish I didn't have one. Oh well, at least the first episode is in the books...I really have to plan these better. lolz. Thanks! Luv you all!
@youngsparky: Hellzzzz Yeahhhh!!!
WE'RE OUT OF THE FOREST. FINALLLYYYY. I'll be quite honest, The Viridian has always been the toughest part of every game or comic I've made in Kanto. Mostly because I find it so boring haha, anyways onto PEWTER. ROCKS.
@The Almighty Weab Queen: Unique little comic you have here:)
@TheSpriterZ: Hey, thanks buddy! And you're going to get there I know it! At the rate you've been improving I see a really bright future for you, man:) Thanks a lot for the feedback it's always appreciated! I'll keep my support for you as well! :D
Where's Matthew Fox when ya need him...The boys find themselves in quite the predicament! Will they be able to find their way back to safety?
@MasterLucky: Thanks, Lucky! I appreciate it man:)
The end of the first Chapter! Who could've guessed they disturbed the wild Beedrill population? Oh well, you can blame it on Casey's huge ego.
@Ionic Defibrillator: Yeahh I noticed that too. I think I just forgot to change it in post for some reason. Thanks!
Exposition for days. Vegeta's a smart mouthed ass and is making Cooler look like a lil baby back BITCH.
Here we goooooo
Finally started off on their adventure, the boys decide the best thing to do with their new animals is to make them beat the shit out of each other. ALSO Dragonball Zenith update coming TONIGHT! Watch out for it!
I tweaked each of the boys' sprites a bit. So they may look different, but now its for good. Sorry for inconsistency lol. And the speech bubbles look a lot better I think. Thanks for reading!

@Ionic Defibrillator: ;) thanks for reading! Tune in next week!
@Ionic Defibrillator: Thanks man! I appreciate it!
Gohan is PISSED! But just how strong is Cooler?

Thanks for Reading and 14Fans WOO!