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How is it that this Buffoon, is the guy, that is DR Kenises' nemesis? just how? my heart breaks for our good Bad doctor.
Oh Asia :D that was such a sincere answer.
Ken is my new favorite in this story. Forgive me Asia.
Thwapped him...Thwapp that onomatopoeia is so perfect i actually laughed when i read it.:D
i now have the image of a elderly man running around with a stick trying to keep,them young whippersnappers of his yard.
@burningtyger: well she learned it chapter 6 page 34 that the people who kidnapped him were listening in via the collar so he could just play it off as a two way communicator. if she can rationolize it as something mundane it should be considered subtle but i think she'd either have to be a sleepwalker to avoid triggering a paradox for anything obviously magical without an awakening of her own.
Are you at the pool? omg Asia you are wonderful
what a lovely smile there in the last scene.
Thats a really beautiful pic in the last scene
We're making the world a better place by killing them, lets get em Hangy >:D
these last few updates have really shown me why curio has sarcasm printed on his shirt. . . its a warning label
Hip hip hooray MOrphE continues :D and now we know why you wanted to know what the mens bathroom looks like so its no longer creepy that your googling it :P
Could this possibly be a Laura in disguise coming to keep an eye on billy? or is it a staff member of Pawnography? Find out next time on.... MorphE.
Aw shame Billy was Crying D:
@Don Quixotes: u weren't the only 1 that thought or said it :P
@Seth: Unless they play her as being currently pregnant.. she can always lose or get rid of the "Baby" later. there are so many possibilities
Francis Really knows how to take her ques from Billy. *clap* *clap* that's some amazing improvisation.
What was that about Billy's mother D: