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I love writing and playing vidya's. I'm open minded and love philosophizing.
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10 pages at once and everyone is amazing!

Don't worry about your schedule, we all get ill somewhen or don't feel like doing something. (I'm actually having a seriously annoying cold which made me stay home for 2 days <_>)

Have a great time doing whatever it is what you do at the moment :)
Sorry for the double post...Haha...Ha.

Please, don't let this seem like a "DO MOAR" comment from myself, oh no. Take your time, drink some iced tea and hang back. You said your life was a mess? Sort that out. We'll wait. And if you feel like doing this, do it. Don't rush yourself.

But i'm just repeating myself - maybe because I see myself a little in that, hehe.

Have a fantastic every-time.

- Malorak
The Jojjo and Kato parts are my absolute favorites. That's some top notch writing here.

I really love your comic oh so much. I can't get enough.
You're amazing.
So I saw this on reddit and I've read a few Nuzlocke comics, most of which were hilarious and over the top. I loved them!
So I made an account just to fangasm all over your comic. AHEM. Let's do this.

Thought I'd give this a try. And oh boy - the first thing I noticed are the colors. They. Are. BEAUTIFUL! Some of the pages just look gorgeous and astonishing!

Then - the storytelling.
Fuck. FUCK! You're great at this. I had shivers, I cried, I laughed and I got real chills down my spine.

This is insanely great.

At last: The characters.
Oh boy. The characters. I won't say anything but: perfection.

This is one of the best...Media I've ever had the pleasure to take in and appreciate. Please, stay as awesome! I'm absolutely hyped.

Have a great day!