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Maybe she just wants to ask the president for Wallis's hand in marriage XD XD j/k.
@kevansevans: I want to see this scene from their POV. I totally do. I wonder what the Gloomversians look like to THEM. <3
Feel that tension!!! :D
I'm starting to get the feeling that the colors these people are also relate to their personalities. Red seems rather violent. Blue seems very serene. Not sure what Indigo's shtick is, but maybe it's a "color of the niiiiiiiiiiiiiight!" sort of thing and he thinks of himself as sneaky? XD
Indigo, just ew. >:P

(...and I love *reading* every scene with him. ^_^)
Awwwwwww. T_T I'm gonna just sit here and hope that as the story keeps unrolling, this colorless thing gets "cured" or "fixed" or whatever. I mean, they're on life support, apparently, so there's hope. T_T
@AceofSpades: Woah... good catch -- you're sharp! O_O I totally didn't remember that (or notice the person was all color-drained when I first saw it, for that matter.)
So... I guess the question is, just how handicapped accessible is Gloomverse? O_O Do they even have wheelchairs? (I haven't seen any yet -- and there's so much everyone but LoP doesn't know about the setting yet.)
@pleasingMOFO: I googled it. Nope -- nose shape wrong, face shape wrong, ears are wrong (even though they stick out), eye shape is wrong, dreads (sorry, just my opinion) on Canary look AWFUL, and also happen to look very different from Assistant's.
@Loverofpiggies: Don't need to say anything. Hobo, therefore excited. Eeeeeeee! ^_^ But also, excited for the rest of it. :D
Scary. O.o I wonder what's waiting for her, too!
Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! This so rocks, and I also love the rainbow hair popping back! ^_^
LOL! Now who's evil, Assistant? XD Plus Wallis had an adorable Concerned Brother moment, and awwww poor
Harold. :P
Frame #2 = Completely Huggable Wallis.
XD! Wallis looks super devastating with this color scheme, though I doubt it means anything good... At least he doesn't seem to have invisible limbs as a result of his magic.

And I'm pretty sure Assistant freaked out at the red eyes -- just like the Dark Lord person thingie had. But Wallis doesn't look evil to me. ^_^

OK; random thoughts. This is the Dark Lord and she gains power by sucking out the power of others and leaving their lifeless bodies as weirdly colored crystals, meanwhile their souls become lemon heads. As for Assistant, Harold, and Wallis -- their innocence must somehow hang in the balance here. /randomthoughts
What a way to end the arc. Definitely looking forward to the next one! :D
Uhhhhhhhh that did not sound good!!!
Yeah. Methinks someone's a bit out of it by now.