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Naw, poor Tara X)
No other comic has made me laugh like this one. Ever. =)
April 16th, 2015
Learning by teaching is a common way for humans to confirm new things they learn. I think this is what Aiken is doing here and it is a very good sign. It shows that he is not just trying, but have actually accepted Rain for who she is.
I still believe Kellen will get it eventually. She just isn't there yet. I'm happy that Rain have so many allies, she does not have to take every fight for herself. But I agree that in this case Kellen should probably talk directly to Rain too, not just to her friends.

Love this comic!
My first thought when I saw the update was: YES! And i literally smiled, big.
Thank you for updating, there are a lot of us out here thinking about you and hoping everything will turn out great.

Heal well!
Much better. Thank you!
Just thought i'd let you know that the column to the right covers part of your pages on some computer screens.
Obituary!? Perfect. =D

I knew we hadn't seen the last of the slippy Slidey Sox.
I just found this. It is so pretty!
Well... Have you ever smelled an orc?

Semmy may not be an average orc, but still, there are people eating in there. I kind of understand the inn keeper for putting up the sign. It is hard to please everyone. ;)

Even the dark lord had the courtesy to leave the goblin minions outside.
April 8th, 2014
I like the story and I like the artwork, but you should have someone proofread it before you post it. The English is very hard to understand, sometimes.