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Hmmm... I like anime and I also like reading manga. I love to draw too :D
I procrastinate a lot...
I'm very very lazy... That's why my comics updates soooo slow. Sorry 'bout that *A*
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September 9th, 2012
@Fraan, Thank you so much! I shall do my best to make this more interesting :D
September 2nd, 2012
@Thirdshaft and dragonfairy,Thank you so much! :D

@Izumi Hikaru,Ah yes! I do know you from DA >w<b
I hope you guys will check out my new work, Code: Dream.

Unfortunately, I won't be continuing this one anymore TTuTT
Omg! Just started reading your comics and it is SOOOO good!! Omg! You draw professionally and the tones! aghh!! so good!! I feel like I'm reading an actual manga! Keep it up!! I'll be looking forward for more :D
Lame toning... OTL

@AmoriiBlossom - now you know! >w<
@iamdea - You're right!! Here's a cookie! ^_^
update update UPDATE!!! >w<
I'm soo sorry for being soo slow QAQ
Uwah! I'm soo sorry if it took so long to update QAQ
*is procrastinating* OTL
lol, sorry for the long wait ^^;
kinda rushed with the toning *fails*
Oh yeah, check out my other comic too: Cinderella Phenomenon(it's kinda old, and updates are sloowweerr TAT)

aishite imasu.: lol it is >w<
Everlong: Oh, sorry if it's confusing you. It's a pocky OTL
SnowDrop07: Wow! I didn't know that OTL but you just gave me an idea. fufufufufu
CactusJuicy: yes, you're right! >w<
aoinatsume: haha!! here's a cookie!
Kiriya: I will :D thanks!
Nina Stratis: thank you!
I love your comic! >w<
*looks forward for more*
I haven't updated this for a year now. I'm sooo sorry!! *killmenow* But I really appreciate those who continued following this manga. Thank you!! I also transferred this comic to my account since I'm lazy opening two different accounts OTL

BIG CHANGES regarding the drawing style and the toning since I'll be doing it from now on. (akirei's too busy ^^;) aaannnddd, I'll tone Fritz's hair black from now on =D

Thank you soo much! I will try updating this often :D
Lol. Meet another new character. ANd poor guy. Gonna introduce him soon. >w<

DNAC: aww.. Thanks!
aishite imasu.: lmao :D
Meeksu: lol yeah
SnowDrop07: Yeah, probably *you'll find out soon* lol
Sorry, kinda rushed the toning on the "trees" part. lol!
OTL, the font is too small *fails*
Anyway, the small text on the second panel says:
Luna: You're too tensed
Lilika: The same goes for those other girls
Sorry bout that. Too lazy to edit QAQ

uhhh... I've got nothing much to say *shot*

Meeksu: Aww.. Thanks!
rainboxtan: Thank you!!! I'll try ^^;
aishite imasu.: Lol
Kokkoii-Matoku: >w<
SnowDrop07: yep! :D
Everlong: Lol! It's very predictable. *epicfail*
Lol. I can't draw furniture *epicfail*
(will practice harder)

Everlong: Wow! Really? Thanks!
SnowDrop07: Np :D I think it's just a plain butterfly ^^; *shot*
d.ii: diani!!! Yeah! Finally decided to redraw it again T_T
aishite imasu.: Thanks!
3rd page is up! Lol! The butterfly is really fun to draw,>w<

That guy is a silent one ne? OAO

LadySilverWings: Aww... Thank you <3
gizumimipichu: Yes, I really agree ^^
aoinatsume: No you can't aoi! lmao
aishite imasu.: Me too! QAQ
SnowDrop07: I'm not very good at toning though ^^; I got them from here
NanaYuki: Yep! I'm back! >w<
Still practicing my toning skills... And yeah, I know I suck at it... But I'll try harder next time >w<

Guess who he is! lol!

EthrilDragoni: I'm relieved to know that. Thanks!
SnowDrop07: Lol! yessuu!! an update! >w< Yeah, some have really bigger eyes lol
I've just read this and it was really good!
Your drawing style, your toning skills! You're really awesome! *jealous*

Keep it up! :D
I think her eyes are too big O__O
NanaYuki: Sorry if it took soo long for me to update again. I'm kinda on hiatus on making comics. OTL
Okay, first of all, I'm redrawing this comic... again... OTL

It's because... once again... I didn't like how it turned out, aaannnddd... My drawing style changed. ^^;

Deleted my other comics as well, so I'm going to focus on just this one.

Made her hair short too btw. *kill me now*
Lol! He always say a lot of weird words