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Comics? Yeah, right.

[100% awkwardsauce]
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old pic. meh. there's something I like about it even though it's so crappy. >__<
old UGLY scribble. I don't really like it but I love how the eyes turned out. >_<
thanks! ^^
good idea, maybe I will! I drew it for a timed meme so I couldn't make it big then, but it would be fun to that ^^
YEAH inspired by the Goo Goo Dolls song <33

man, I haven't been on sj in....ages. o__o
bah, it can be anyone's funeral you want! :P thank you! *hug*
ah, thanks, you're right!
yeah the eyes are funky...especially the left one (our right), it looks tilted =/
nice observation b^__^b
aww, thanks! they're far from perfect I think -dies-
thank you!! -hug-
wow, I forgot how messy this was...
I should use green more often. I totally neglect it. :(
image is huge, so you can see all my lovely mistakes XD
a friend's character~
-oldish pic-
image is a bit large...eyes are funky but they were kind of supposed to be
aww, thank you! -hug-
thanks, it was fun working with the color ^^
oh...I should have resized can see all the mistakes in coloring and stuff :(

I just wanted to update something; I'm not dead, I just haven't been using SJ much lately. XD

the right eye [our left] is tilted funny. the arms look broken, don't even let me get started on the shoulders. was cause I didn't like the composition much before ^^;;;;
oh, yeah, I used some transformation tool I stumbled across and sorta distorted and stretched it. forgot to mention, sorry ^^;