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hey thats where i am ill be sure to check ur table out today :)
@effsnares: yea I just caught on late it is really cool tho using a totally different character and I really liked how you set Brocks gym battle the festival setting was really original
that was a nice battle is mercy replacing green as the rival for this?
did you know that you are the exact same height as edward elric from fullmetal alchemist?
He looks and acts a lot like ling from fullmetal alchemist
honestly I actually read hentai comics instead of porn (because personally I find that watching real people do it is kind of gross)
Happy aniversry
This looks awesome I can't wait to see how you are going to go with this!
I'll see your bet
I bet ten oran berries that ken is hot.
was this made with copics or on the computer?
dude I saw nuzlockes seedot!
Wait what?
I was wondering can everyone understand pokemon, or is it only Nina and N?
sorry but the title thingy sort of ended up in like the middle of the page making reading hard. But other than hat I love this comic I am laughing so hard at all of these funny things!
where did boos cat in the hat, hat go?
where did boos cat in the hat, hat go?
where did the charmander go?