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Hey there, I'm Bobbie, but you can call me Lu. :) It's not really a nickname but rather something I like to go by on Deviantart and other image hosting sites. I'm currently a freshman at SCAD Atlanta. My intended major is Sequential Art and my intended minor is in Storyboarding. I enjoy drawing fantasy and mythology and am a HUGE Pokemon fan. ^^ My forte is digital art but I also enjoy doing traditional work :)

I'm looking forward to hosting my comic here and I also look forward to making friends with the rest of y'all who host here and those of you who become a fan of my comic :)

You can find me on Deviantart as xLugialuver1x and on Tumblr under the same name :)
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Healer of people and potentially plants
<p>Hey guys! I hope y'all have seen the announcement I made on my page concerning updates after this weekend.
If you haven't, please pop over to check it out :)

Anyways, this is Stein. As far as I know he hasn't been developed out farther than a design and a general personality so most
of this is just me speculating. One fact that IS set in stone, however, is that
both Angira and another healer have crushes on him. If it turns out that I'm really off with this
reference I'll end up redoing it later but for now I think this works ^^

Stein is a very quiet person and in contrast to Angira doesn't like fighting all that much. He will defend himself and
his wielder if it comes to it though. I see him being the type that likes
gardening and has his own little box garden just outside the infirmary window. I also see him having a sensitivity
to the people he helps Maria heal due to his quiet nature that allows him to better understand how to keep them comfortable.
This sensitivity would also probably give him an awareness to when someone is bullshitting about something haha

That's all for today. I hope y'all like this cute patoot and please drop by my page to read my post there if you haven't already.

(After I finish with these and the page is up I'm going to take these down and upload them on a new DeviantArt account dedicated to hosting references for my comics)
Hellooooo nurse
<p>Hey guys. Only one again today and one tomorrow and for the rest of the week. I fell yesterday and
put a lot of weight on my drawing wrist when I landed. It's a little sore but
I need to watch how much I do to make sure it doesn't get worse.

Anyways, this is Maria. She's the school nurse and she and her nephew (Denver) have a bad habit of
making silly bets on silly things. Her one relic, Stein, is a healer like Angira. Healers are rare but
it's safe to assume that the school nurse would have one. She's generally nice but she does like to pry into other
people's business and May is her easiest target. Since May has Angira, I see her coming in and hanging out with Maria
one or two times a week to learn stuff to help her on the field with her own healer.

Fun fact: Maria and Stein got their names because of Soul Eater. Maria's personality made me think of Stein but her healer ended up with
a few of the show's Stein's physical traits so he got the name.

See y'all tomorrow with Stein and the day after with Denver to finish out the stream of references.

(After I finish with these and the page is up I'm going to take these down and upload them on a new DeviantArt account dedicated to hosting references for my comics)
<p>Hey guys! I'm so very sorry I'm so late! Classwork ran a little late earlier today which set me back some and then my computer decided to do a sudden restart
(Luckily I had everything saved Lol xD) and then a fire drill occurred here at the school shortly after I got this up over on Tapastic. Wee.
(It also didn't help that my references for them are at home and I couldn't remember which one was which OTL)

Eventually I'll get all these guys down to memory xD

Anyways, these two are Blanche and Noir, the Yin Yang relics. They are owned by Co via contract. They broke an expensive item
that he owned and in order to pay it off they entered into a contract with him as relics.
They make me think of Liz and Patty from Soul Eater. He treats them well though so I'm assuming that
they'd stay after their contract finally ends (If it ever ends. Apparently they aren't too good at their job and keep getting time added to it xD)

As the class week has started again and homework is abound, I'll try to get these up earlier in the day
but they're most likely going to be up later in the afternoon.
I also only have a few more characters that can be shared without leaking spoilers but there should be enough to finish out the week :)

See y'all tomorrow!
Can o' Crazy
Only one today. Got stuck in a doodle block after I sketched out this page (and I had a ton of homework I had forgotten about OTL) Besides... Sarina is... Basically all you can tolerate at once xD

She is Reliquary's "Can of Crazy" and nosy reporter at the same time. She's also that one character whose strength is disproportional to their size. Her weapon of choice, the Battle Fan, is not to be taken lightly.

As a reporter, Sarina comes up with crazy stories that may or may not be true IRL but are 110% true in her mind. These crazy ideas often get her in trouble. Her latest fixation: The collector and the freshman, just a friendship or secretly moreeee?

When Z and I first started on developing her, she wasn't this insane. A little hyperactive maybe but not nuts like this. xD She just kinda became more and more crazy as time went on xD
Crazy stalker fox
<p>Our characters today are Cohei Remis and his guardian Falryn.

Cohei is the strong and silent type of person and plays a major role in the story. Falryn is one of his unknown number of relics
and has a massive crush on him. He doesn't actually like using her though because of this and because
she acts a lot like a crazy stalker girlfriend. She's also super crazy jealous of May of
all the attention Co gives her.

Fun fact of the update: Z has actually made Co's coat and it started as a design and Co was made to fill it.

Sunday is my designated day-off so no pics tomorrow. See y'all monday!
<p>Good morning, readers! Here's the first of the reference sketches! ^^ For those of y'all who missed seeing my filler text
and who haven't seen/read the news post, I've had to push the update to next
weekend due to some technical issues on my end but I've decided to make up for it with
a round of references introducing some of the recurring characters and one or more
of their main relics every day throughout the week leading up to the update. I think
a character and one of their relics is a good start for now.
Things are running smoothly so far with my tech so the page should definitely be up next weekend :)

For this first set we have May, our main character, and Angira, her hot-tempered healer. I'm not going to go into
too much detail about them–that's for y'all to figure out ;)–but I will say that
they have a relationship much like Lucy and Aquarius's in FairyTail but a little less... hostile... lol Angira does have a sweet
side to her despite all the dark looks but if you manage to piss her off, there is nowhere in existence where you can hide from her.
She WILL find you...

I enjoy drawing these two. They have a fun dynamic and I have a handful of fun head-canons
concerning them that I'm hoping might become canon to the story itself xD

See y'all tomorrow with the next set!
Round one, FIGHT!
<p>M: Wooooow... <3 EH?! OH SHI- It's that crazy girl again! Please don't let her notice me...


I hope this page makes up for the wait xD The amount of detail in these first few pages is killer.
Next update is a spread so that should be fun! See y'all around! :)
<p>May: Classes haven't started yet and already exciting things are happening!
I wonder who this transfer student is and what they've done to cause such a commotion...



Of the 1 in 1,000,000 chances that I'd ever come down sick... I have ;~; Ugh. That and these backgrounds taking
far longer than I expected them to caused the setback. I'm glad that we're
going back to the every other week update schedule. It'll give me more breathing room to get these things done ^U^

Anyways! Thanks for coming and I hope we'll continue to see y'all around!

Hi again everyone! The cover went through a few changes before it got to this point but
I'm happy to unveil it to you now. I enjoy working on designs for
things so covers for things like this are rather fun for me. ^^ Z and I have been looking forward
to starting Reliquary for a while now and having posted this now it truly feels like
we're ready to start.

Thanks for joining us so far and I hope to continue to see y'all around for the rest of the ride!
Ready to Launch!
<p>May: I hope I don't see her around TOO much... She's a little unnerving...


Howdy! Some of y'all might know me from Dragon's Keep and I'm happy to see y'all over
here too! To those of you who are newcomers to both comics, welcome! :D

As the folks from Dragon's Keep know, I'm only the artist for this one ^^ My very imaginative
and talented friend, Braker42, is the writer for this comic and for most if not all
but one of the other comics I plan to make during my lifetime here on
God's green Earth. He is also my co-writer for Dragon's Keep. :D

But that's enough about me. Updates will be every other Saturday with the exception
of next weekend where I will be posting the cover and an update
for the banner. I hope to see y'all around!
I'll delete this filler later. I'm so sorry for being late again and I hope y'all can forgive me once again for this.

Either in a news post or in a typed/doodled document like this one (or in both places) I'll be discussing my course of action starting in August for my comics. Since Book 1 of Dragon's Keep is coming to a close I've been thinking about how to go about staying productive and still getting ahead in Reliquary and I think I've come up with a solution. (I've also come up with some stylistic things that I'll tell you later as well) I'll post the info on Saturday the 20th so please drop by then and leave feedback if you can.

I love hearing from y'all and would love hearing your thoughts and ideas on the matter.

Till then! —Lu
So tired... But alive and free at last!
Hey guys! Here's the maquette I've been working on for class! My quarter finally ended this past Thursday so Dragon's Keep should be back on schedule soon! I need to sketch out the next few pages before I start on them digitally but that shouldn't take too much time. 3 pages to go I think? Then I have to go back and rework <s>some</s> a lot of the old pages to bring them up to speed for the book! As soon as that's done I'll drop y'all a link to it on Lulu! (I'll look into a kickstarter later when I have more things that can go WITH the book. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email with ideas of things that Y'ALL would like to see in a kickstarter �)

I can start Book 2 as soon as Book 1 is complete and I have enough pages sketched out but we might end up hitting a wall a few pages in as there's a character design that looks too much like something copyrighted and I need to iron that issue out before we can move on. Z and I are working on that now so hopefully we can avoid that issue altogether.

Don't forget that Reliquary starts up at the beginning of August and I hope to see y'all around real soon! Happy summer!
MORE FILLER! YAY! <s>shot</s>

I'm pretty sure I won't be posting any new pages until the end of this quarter. I'm pretty bummed about that fact myself. We're just SO CLOSE! Bluh. I'll just use work on these three as filler till the end of the quarter. The storyboard has to be done by this upcoming Wednesday so I'll find a way to compile it into a GIF to get to y'all by this next weekend and we start maquette work on Wednesday so I'll keep you posted on that too :D I'm using "Turkey" as my model~

Most of Belle's sketches haven't been completed on this because my professor only wanted the ones of Balthy and "Turkey" the Phoenix (Whose name I won't be revealing because spoilers and stuff). I've found this style really fun so I think I'll use it for little doodles and charms and things for the time being until I find something else to use Lol

In addition to posting here on Smackjeeves, Dragon's Keep is now being uploaded on
Busy busy busy!
As I mentioned above, I've got quite a bit of homework over this next week and the week after (and a birthday next Saturday! :D). I'm really excited about what I'm working on though! The main thing that I'll be working on is a 30-panel storyboard of a scene from an original story. I chose a future Dragon's Keep scene for it that I would love to be able to animate/have animated someday. We also were given the option to use another franchise's style so I went with SRMTHFG. (Go look it up if you don't know what it is. It's pretty great IMO. Belle and Balthy are also looking pretty adorable IMO too.)

Before we start work on the storyboard though we have to make a turnaround and an action/expression page for each character and a lineup of the two together. (Three in my case as there's another important character in the scene). The lineups and other sheets will be posted here sometime next week in one dump after I get them done but the storyboard will only be uploaded to the Patreon as I both need to upload things there and Smackjeeves isn't very GIF-friendly.

On another note, Dragon's Keep will be placed back in the hiatus status next August while I give Reliquary some love and-as things have been progressing-finish setting this book up on Lulu. There are simply not enough hours in the day for everything I want to get done... *tired sigh* I sincerely hope to be back to updates for y'all soon! We're very close to the end of this book and to where the Dragons finally come in and I can't wait to really progress with the story.

See y'all soon! ~Lu
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my good friend, Z! He's the friend I'll be making Reliquary with (May and Co, the characters to the right of Lu are the main characters for it) and is the friend I recruited to be Co-writer for Dragon's Keep. He's helped me for such a long time with Belle and crew and now that he's on the team, I feel like they're as much his characters as they are mine. ^^ (Belle is wearing a dress he designed for her for a future chapter.)

I look forward to many more years of fun and stories! Happy Birthday! :)
One of these days...
Rowan: How do you manage to do in a day what I've been trying to do for 8 years?
Andrew: *shrugs* Just got lucky? She was literally tossed at me...

I'll learn... It is impossible for me to complete a comic page in 24 hours. Especially when I have to start from scratch. One of these days I'll learn that it is simply not in my artistic capacity to do so.

This page has been kicking my butt since yesterday morning. I revised this page and the next 5 pages in text and A) never got the chance to sketch them out and scan them in and B) was dogpiled with schoolwork, including an oral presentation that I wasn't alerted to until a few days before it. I somehow managed to convince myself that I could get it done in one day.

<s>I sincerely apologize for the lack of color (this is a new one for me) but that should be fixed within the next few hours.</s> Here it is with color! Eesh... Just add this page to the list of ones I need to finish before setting up the book! *laughs deliriously* *shot*

Thank you again for your patience with me!
14 Balthazar Ages
A progression of ages and appearances of Balthy throughout the years with silhouettes of Belle's to help emphasize his size.
13 Isabelle Ages
A progression of ages and appearances of Isabelle throughout the years.
12 Rowan Montgomery
A commander with the SSP. He is the father of Andrew and the adopted father of Liz. His wife works as a servant back in Dragon City at the palace. He was formerly a member of the Queen's guard and was her confidant. He lost his arm to Marcellus and has been trying to free the princess for years.
11 Liz Montgomery
(I've since changed her name from Lizabeth to Lizanna and will update the name on the page eventually.)

The captain's sister. She was adopted by Rowan Montgomery when she was little. She has a fiery temper and a sharp mind. She works as a mechanic and invents fantastic gadgets in her spare time. She hates when Andrew damages his ship (which happens almost every time he goes out).

Liz is an Aerolumine and her design was initially adopted from Jaclyn over on DeviantArt back in 2010 (the species belongs to her as well) and aspects of her current design are heavily based off of the style of the Keidrans in Tom Fischbach's Two Kinds.