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Hey there, I'm Bobbie, but you can call me Lu. :) It's not really a nickname but rather something I like to go by on Deviantart and other image hosting sites. I'm currently a freshman at SCAD Atlanta. My intended major is Sequential Art and my intended minor is in Storyboarding. I enjoy drawing fantasy and mythology and am a HUGE Pokemon fan. ^^ My forte is digital art but I also enjoy doing traditional work :)

I'm looking forward to hosting my comic here and I also look forward to making friends with the rest of y'all who host here and those of you who become a fan of my comic :)

You can find me on Deviantart as xLugialuver1x and on Tumblr under the same name :)
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I'll delete this filler later. I'm so sorry for being late again and I hope y'all can forgive me once again for this.

Either in a news post or in a typed/doodled document like this one (or in both places) I'll be discussing my course of action starting in August for my comics. Since Book 1 of Dragon's Keep is coming to a close I've been thinking about how to go about staying productive and still getting ahead in Reliquary and I think I've come up with a solution. (I've also come up with some stylistic things that I'll tell you later as well) I'll post the info on Saturday the 20th so please drop by then and leave feedback if you can.

I love hearing from y'all and would love hearing your thoughts and ideas on the matter.

Till then! —Lu
So tired... But alive and free at last!
Hey guys! Here's the maquette I've been working on for class! My quarter finally ended this past Thursday so Dragon's Keep should be back on schedule soon! I need to sketch out the next few pages before I start on them digitally but that shouldn't take too much time. 3 pages to go I think? Then I have to go back and rework <s>some</s> a lot of the old pages to bring them up to speed for the book! As soon as that's done I'll drop y'all a link to it on Lulu! (I'll look into a kickstarter later when I have more things that can go WITH the book. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email with ideas of things that Y'ALL would like to see in a kickstarter �)

I can start Book 2 as soon as Book 1 is complete and I have enough pages sketched out but we might end up hitting a wall a few pages in as there's a character design that looks too much like something copyrighted and I need to iron that issue out before we can move on. Z and I are working on that now so hopefully we can avoid that issue altogether.

Don't forget that Reliquary starts up at the beginning of August and I hope to see y'all around real soon! Happy summer!
MORE FILLER! YAY! <s>shot</s>

I'm pretty sure I won't be posting any new pages until the end of this quarter. I'm pretty bummed about that fact myself. We're just SO CLOSE! Bluh. I'll just use work on these three as filler till the end of the quarter. The storyboard has to be done by this upcoming Wednesday so I'll find a way to compile it into a GIF to get to y'all by this next weekend and we start maquette work on Wednesday so I'll keep you posted on that too :D I'm using "Turkey" as my model~

Most of Belle's sketches haven't been completed on this because my professor only wanted the ones of Balthy and "Turkey" the Phoenix (Whose name I won't be revealing because spoilers and stuff). I've found this style really fun so I think I'll use it for little doodles and charms and things for the time being until I find something else to use Lol

In addition to posting here on Smackjeeves, Dragon's Keep is now being uploaded on
Busy busy busy!
As I mentioned above, I've got quite a bit of homework over this next week and the week after (and a birthday next Saturday! :D). I'm really excited about what I'm working on though! The main thing that I'll be working on is a 30-panel storyboard of a scene from an original story. I chose a future Dragon's Keep scene for it that I would love to be able to animate/have animated someday. We also were given the option to use another franchise's style so I went with SRMTHFG. (Go look it up if you don't know what it is. It's pretty great IMO. Belle and Balthy are also looking pretty adorable IMO too.)

Before we start work on the storyboard though we have to make a turnaround and an action/expression page for each character and a lineup of the two together. (Three in my case as there's another important character in the scene). The lineups and other sheets will be posted here sometime next week in one dump after I get them done but the storyboard will only be uploaded to the Patreon as I both need to upload things there and Smackjeeves isn't very GIF-friendly.

On another note, Dragon's Keep will be placed back in the hiatus status next August while I give Reliquary some love and-as things have been progressing-finish setting this book up on Lulu. There are simply not enough hours in the day for everything I want to get done... *tired sigh* I sincerely hope to be back to updates for y'all soon! We're very close to the end of this book and to where the Dragons finally come in and I can't wait to really progress with the story.

See y'all soon! ~Lu
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my good friend, Z! He's the friend I'll be making Reliquary with (May and Co, the characters to the right of Lu are the main characters for it) and is the friend I recruited to be Co-writer for Dragon's Keep. He's helped me for such a long time with Belle and crew and now that he's on the team, I feel like they're as much his characters as they are mine. ^^ (Belle is wearing a dress he designed for her for a future chapter.)

I look forward to many more years of fun and stories! Happy Birthday! :)
One of these days...
Rowan: How do you manage to do in a day what I've been trying to do for 8 years?
Andrew: *shrugs* Just got lucky? She was literally tossed at me...

I'll learn... It is impossible for me to complete a comic page in 24 hours. Especially when I have to start from scratch. One of these days I'll learn that it is simply not in my artistic capacity to do so.

This page has been kicking my butt since yesterday morning. I revised this page and the next 5 pages in text and A) never got the chance to sketch them out and scan them in and B) was dogpiled with schoolwork, including an oral presentation that I wasn't alerted to until a few days before it. I somehow managed to convince myself that I could get it done in one day.

<s>I sincerely apologize for the lack of color (this is a new one for me) but that should be fixed within the next few hours.</s> Here it is with color! Eesh... Just add this page to the list of ones I need to finish before setting up the book! *laughs deliriously* *shot*

Thank you again for your patience with me!
Belle: I wish I was a scientist... This place looks really cool!
Andrew: Liz got herself banned from here for almost blowing it up once.
Liz: Shoosh! Don't go telling her that!


Hey guys! Long time no update! :D With the every-other-week schedule, I should be able to keep the updates without things going wrong :D This is how the previous pages will look once I'm done with them and how the future pages will look ^^

I hope to see y'all around!

Hiatus Closing
Howdy, readers! I don't know how many of y'all have read the journal I posted last week so I'm going to post it again here ^^

I'm sorry for the very very long span between updates. I assure you that every moment of it has pained me as much as it has pained y'all (which some of my SCAD classmates who know me and read this should remember from talking to me through this past quarter LOL). The good news is that if all goes according to plan, updates should start again this Saturday! (The 28th)

Starting from that update Dragon's Keep will update every other week. Having the schedule set up this way is both easier on me schedule-wise but also leaves room for other things (Like the Patreon I'm trying to set up for Dragon's Keep). On the weekends I DON'T update, I'm thinking of making those filler weekends. Leave me a comment with what you think and some themes :) I've also decided to take on a co-writer to help me strengthen DK's story and to fill in gaps that are sporadically placed throughout the future chapters/books. The person I've chosen to work with is Z, the writer and friend that I'm going to be starting Reliquary with in August. He will start assisting me once we finish Book 3.

As we near the end of this "chapter" (quotes around that because I'm going to be removing chapters and just making everything in "book" groups from here on) I'll be setting up the first book over on Lulu! I'm excited for this and will be looking into a kickstarter to see if I can't figure out funding so I can bulk-order some charms and prints and other goodies <3

Some of you might have noticed the two new buttons towards the top of the page. More will be added as I complete them and gather the necessary links. I find web buttons to be a neat concept and certainly help with accessibility between sites. As for the links: the one of Lu leads to my DA account, the bag icon leads to my currently-empty Easy shop, and the box icon (that should be up within the next week) will lead to DK's secondary site called DragonBox. All of the character references will be moved over to Dragon's Box for viewing and storage and uploads and such.

I hope y'all are as excited about all this as I am and I look forward to seeing y'all this weekend!
I was hoping to be back into the swing of things by now but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm afraid that I actually have to postpone returning to DK for a while longer. Within the week I'll make something to act as a "Hiatus notice" of sorts but for now this will have to do.

Between schoolwork and other projects I've managed to fall into an unartistic slump. Drawing/creating anything substantial has become a bit of a chore and wears me out.

Despite these things I WILL continue working on things and once I am out of this horrible rut I have some exciting things planned! I'll go ahead and mention them here so y'all can know what to look forward to :) (I'll also move all this information into a news post.)

•When I finally get back to updates, DK will update every other week. I've mentioned before that doing it this way puts less strain on me personally but also adds room for unforeseen hinderances.

•My Patreon account has been created but there isn't anything up yet. I'm debating moving previous filler art from here over and then removing it from here. Future "filler" would still be posted here first but would be moved over to Patreon after a 2-3 week span.

•All character references will be moved to another Smackjeeves page for easier access and linking use for both myself and y'all. Landscape references and development sketches will also be periodically uploaded there. I'll be looking into image hyperlinks that will link the images in the "characters" tab to the ones in the new site.

•Another Smackjeeves webpage will be in development for a webcomic that I will be making with a friend. He's come up with the concept and characters and is writing it while I illustrate it out. This will not be for probably another 6 months to a year, however, and when it comes time to start it it will update on the weekends that DK doesn't (so every other week). I know y'all will love it and I hope you'll follow me there as well ^^

•In my spare time I've been making and testing a plush pattern that I can use to make cute, Powderpuff Girl-esque dolls of the DK characters in addition to other characters. Over the last few years I've noticed the demand in custom MLP:FiM plushes but haven't really seen anything in the line of custom Puffs. I certainly won't be charging as much as pony makers - maybe $25-50 max - but examples of them will be added to Etsy as I complete them. They'd be custom ordered and might take a while as I make them by hand but they're super cuddly! (I have one finished of Lu)

•Another addition to Etsy wares might be a deck of playing cards. I had to make one for one of my classes and went with a DK theme. I had a lot of fun designing it and sketched out more (I was able to get three completed before getting hit with whatever this is). The Ace, King, Queen, and Jack cards are all single characters, the Jokers have two characters, and the other cards are scenes from the story as a whole. One of my classes requires different images in different programs and I find myself leaning on DK related pieces. Depending on how they turn out there might be even more pieces added to the shop.

I'd apologize for all of this again but I figure y'all are tired of me apologizing and not changing anything so I won't. I don't know how long this break will last but I sincerely hope to be back soon!

Lots of love, Lu
Happy New Year!
Happy New Years, readers! I'm sorry I didn't get this up till now. It's packing day! I move in with my aunt tomorrow and will finish this up for y'all tomorrow evening after I've gotten all settled in.

What New Years resolutions do y'all have for this year? I plan on getting time management under control and working on getting rid of some bad habits (and weight lol).

This next year should be great! I'll start updating again soon. See y'all around!
Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas, readers! I didn't get everything on my Christmas list this year. Did y'all? Anyways, here's a sketch I doodled up for y'all for today. There were a bunch of different ideas I had I could have used but I decided to go with Belle and Balthy.

Headcannon-wise, I see Belle and Balthy loving the Christmas season when she was younger and Balthy was much smaller to the point where they'd have Christmas-y antics and he'd help her wrap, ending up getting covered with bows towards the end LOL

Again, I hope y'all have a great day with family and friends and I hope to see y'all again real soon!
Hey, readers! No witty commentary on how I torture my beloved characters this time. I'm sorry for taking so long on getting this up. Whenever I make plans, detailed or not, something always manages to mess them up. This entire weekend has just been one event after another and it finally hit me today that I'm busier this Christmas than I thought I would be.

In addition to a bunch of Christmas presents I still need to get/make, I also might be getting a holiday job at my old daycare as a volunteer and have quite a bit of very very very late art that I owe some people over on DeviantArt. I'm also going to be moving in with my Aunt at the end of the month and have to go through my stuff to see/figure out what I'm taking.

To make long story short, I'm going to be taking another hiatus. I don't know how long it'll be but I just can't handle running Dragon's Keep at this time. I'll keep working on pages but for now trying to crank out a page a week on top of other duties has become too taxing on my health. Whenever I do come back and start updating it will be on Saturdays again but every other week this time.

As DK is always on my mind and scenarios are always running through my head I'll be doodling things while I'm out and about (thank the heavens for purses that are large enough to carry a notebook and art supplies...) and will post and significant/better-than-most doodles when they come up! (In addition to a small drawing for Christmas & New Years)

I apologize for yet another delay and hope to see y'all around!
Answered questions and more large rooms! Keep an eye on the female officer in the top right corner of the last panel. She'll show up again. Her name is Paige and she, in design and name, is based off a nice young lady I met at a Steak 'n Shake here in Georgia, specifically in Athens.

I am so tired of being late with updates. Seriously, I am. I think I'll change the update time to "sometime Saturday/Sunday afternoon" until I can hammer out the kinks in getting pages out in a timely manner... I'll see y'all next week!
The World Against Me
Now that she's calmed down–and is slightly embarrassed–Liz is a very agreeable person to be around once again. Belle has come out of her little shell once again too.

Who is this Commander that they speak of? We shall see in a couple of pages!

UGH. I swear to God. The world is against me updating this webcomic on time. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Over the course of yesterday I:

•realized I didn't have the text in in advance and my binder with it was half an hour away
•unintentionally injured myself multiple times
•Lost my wallet (found later thankfully)
•Got stuck at home for 3 hours longer than I wanted due to traffic (and missing wallet)
•Almost got clipped by a handful of Atlanta/Midtown drivers (Y'all LIVE HERE! Why can't you DRIVE BETTER or BE POLITE? Seriously...)

I eventually gave up and decided to post this today...

I'm actually very glad I'm taking through the 29th off... I can't handle the issues that come with this on top of schoolwork *sighs* I've created a rough work schedule for the Christmas break I have so I can <strike>hopefully</strike> get ahead by a couple of weeks so this won't happen next quarter.

I also need to get the rest of this chapter drawn as quickly as possible so I can start sketching/completing the next chapter. It hasn't been roughed yet as it was spontaneously added in by my brain to help make better sense of the story. It's also an introduction chapter to the DRAGONS of the story! FINALLY!

Well, I'll let y'all go and will see y'all again on Saturday the 29th!
Yeah. I had to go home for a school related thing and brought work with me. I've basically gotten the page done but I don't have the text to go with the page. If push comes to shove I might upload the page without the text and then update it later with it.

After this page, I'm going to take a 3-week break to focus on finals. I have two major projects and a paper to focus on so DK needs to go on the back-burner for now. After this page updates will start back on November 29th.

See y'all again in a bit!
This is Liz. She's super expressive and loads of fun to draw. She was designed by Jaclyn back in 2012 as an adopt for her Fakemon species called Aerolumines. I bought her to make as a character but didn't really know what to do with her until I started on DK.

As it states above, Liz is a mechanic, specifically the mechanic for Andrew's ship, The Blue Comet. As he's always bringing it back with some array of dents and scrapes she's usually cross with him for a while.

Previous page if you've forgotten what's happened and don't want to wade through filler.

I am so sorry it took me this long to get this up! The site has been a pain for me all weekend. Thank you all for the patience you've all had with me throughout this.

I'm at the beginning of week 8 of this 10 week quarter here at SCAD. I have a lot of homework (mainly two major drawing projects that are due in 2 weeks) but I will work on the next page when I can. As soon as this quarter is over I'll be able to actually upload on time throughout the Winter Break (week before Thanksgiving through the beginning of January) and make a buffer so this problem shouldn't arise again for a while :)

See y'all next time! <3
@easiertorun: I guess he kinda does, lol. Originally I was going to dress him up as Ten
That much paint has to put a dent in the budget...
Liz can be a little troll sometimes lol Poor Belle doesn't quite know how to tell when she's being one yet so she usually ends up with the short end of the "prank stick" so to speak.

And yes, this is an Eragon reference. I adored the book series and have a hard bound copy of each of the books. Saphira was my favorite dragon character in the books. I think my subconscious was thinking of her as I was coloring Balthy in when I starting working on characters in late 2010/early 2011.

Fun Fact #1: Balthy doesn't like having things stuck to his scales. It's like how some people don't like having faceprint on because of how it feels. He acts all big tough, but he really is a big softie.

Fun Fact #2: Balthy has nicknames for everyone he knows. He will occasionally use them to refer to people instead of using their names. (He sometimes does it on purpose, though)

This is it for the Halloween art. Drop by tomorrow at noon for the next page in chapter 3! (Smackjeeves willing... *fingers crossed*)
*hums the Sabrina theme*
The second of the ideas I had was to make a Sabrina: The Animated Series parody with Belle as Sabrina and Balthy as Salem. Balthy is such a grumpy little cutie! :D

As Smackjeeves wouldn't let me upload this holiday piece and the last one I figured I'd upload them today and then the page tomorrow.

I ask you to please bear with me if that doesn't happen. I don't know if it's my computer or the site itself but the site is giving me connection problems.

The next Halloween piece has been scheduled to post in 2 hours! <3 See y'all then!
@easiertorun: Yes! I didn't think anyone would get that! (The costume IS a tad bit vague)

Can you tell me who the others are dressed as too?

Fantastic avatar BTW.