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Eab Emie
I love reading, writing, and watching yaoi. I've had a passion for writing since I was a child.
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@Guest: Hahaha
@Guest: Thank you!!!
@Guest: Being a creep.
@TamTam: I can tell how upset you are about it =p
@CarolinaD: He is lolol
@thequinnster: Thank you so much for your love and encouragement!
@WindowMaker: Fixed. And of course he always sees Aki that way. He has a crush on him lol
Eab Emie
September 1st, 2019
Full recovery*
@znuff: You will not get narration, but you will be able to read Aki better as the story progresses.
Jun and Ichi were already friends. They’ve been hanging out with one another in school. He invited Jun because he’s aware they get along.
I’ll fix it.
Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not the same for everyone. Perspective is everything.

Height is usually a plus
Handsome face
Good sense of style
Aki has all those checked😚
It’s deadly lolol
@Belgische Aardappel: Aki's level of smooth is hard to attain lolol
@Mr Plumbing Boi: He did T_T
...He’s only 17. He’s still growing. But no. He’s not a literal giant 🙃
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@Wingding: Hahahahaha