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Eab Emie
I love reading, writing, and watching yaoi. I've had a passion for writing since I was a child.
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@Guest: She's an Omega.
Complete 180 for our petty bandit.
I just....
Thank you for binging! I enjoyed your comments lol
Lolol she just means too bad cuz she can’t get with Aki 😘
@miserywreck: Myssdarks art is phenomenal. She has a twitter to follow!
Eab Emie
October 13th, 2019
I like this perseverance lmao. Still stubborn even though he's starving and cold XD
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@Cipher: *LAUGHS EVILY* New update on Monday!
@Seruta: Hahahaha not too far in the future ;-)
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3. You’ve completely missed the point/theme of this comic which is the outer appearance and perspective people have of you does not always match what’s inside. Aki doesn’t speak much because he’s shy and has trouble articulating. That doesn’t mean he’s “smooth as an egg”. Just like people who talk all the time doesn’t indicate that they’re knowledgeable about anything.

I think, you should refrain from making assumptions and wait to see who Aki really is before passing judgement on him. After all, that’s what this comic is about.
2. Your assumption that the only attractive people are intelligent is false. Plenty of people with intellectual disabilities are attractive, kind hearted, and considerate.
1. Nothing in Aki’s character has given off the impression that he is either less than average intelligence or a brute. He’s been nothing but kind, assertive, protective and considerate this whole comic.
He will never at any point of this comic be a talkative person. There are moments when asks questions and certainly will respond with words, but you’ll never see him say more than a few words at a time.

Though, to be fair, talking isn’t really an indication of how smart someone is. Plenty of people talk with nothing important/intelligent to say.