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I am a yaoi artist, will say that first off. That's boys love if you don't know. Most of my comics are somewhat depressing, I can't help it lol... I feel it adds more drama and allows more room for stuff to happen, you know? I draw in class a lot, not much at home. I like to play computer too much is why I don't draw at home XD Like to read my yaoi, write my stories, talk with people and listen to music...
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I bet it's no accident that its like two blocks from your apartment >.> lol
this story just makes me laugh so hard. my dad is looking at me like I'm crazy. lol
lol xD
lawl the janitor is like the most creepy guy ever
LAWL lol I love that xD he's just like, "wow..." hahah.
lol he almost agreed.
lulz "blushing bishi running out of your room"
hahah an old filler because I didn't have time to actually draw something, or it would have been another week without an update. this is unrelated to this comic :)
hahah yeah sorry. I did this in like 30 minutes, and if I wanted to finish, it would postpone the update another week by the time I could scan... but I figured there was an update in order O.o

Parents are in murder mode... math is down to a C, honors chem is close to a C, if I don't finish an art project for school in the next 3 days (and it takes hours of colored pencil, I'm doing a band pic in Andy Worhal's style... that four pic, colorful thing of marylin monroe guy) and it takes hours... and it makes my hand hurt... and yeah... lol. oh and finals are in two weeks O.O prolly no updates over winter break so I will try to update much before that... maybe some pre-planned pages in...
lol hes like, woha this kid can be somewhat serious? lol
that face covering is soooo cute xD lol
sorry lines are slanted lol. I was having a fail moment at drawing straight lines, apprently. sorry for short updates... school is hard this year :'(
grrr junior year is so complicated! so much homework... and I am going to a concert tomorrow... so little time to draw! lol...
lol hes like, wut?
its like, "Pretend you just didn't hear me, okay?" lol
lol her aprin
hm now that I think more about it if its succubus or what ever, those are demons that intend to kill, while vampires can kill, but can also turn^^'' so unless there will be some exception to the demons killing... vampires might be a better idea...