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Dude! Congrats on the job, that's awesome!

So you majored in 2D animation right? Not sure if this is the place to ask, but do you have any advice for someone who is considering that as well?
February 22nd, 2015
Nice to finally see some ace comics!

I've already related to both scenarios so far, nice work portraying these situations!
danny oh my god what a wimp

danny is me
Congratulations dude! I start T this year sometime but I live all the way in Alaska so we're on the lookout for local trans-friendly endocrinologists.

I have a thing with needles though so :/ gonna have to get over it haha

But yeah the pronouns thing is hard, because you don't want to correct them but at the same time you're really uncomfortable hhhhhh
i think he just became my favorite character
loving the concerned onlookers
fruitloop you literal loop of fruit
dang son this comic is like my favorite thing good job & thank you

I am sensing a weird rescue mission in the not so distant future
I FEEL YOUR PAIN SO HARD RIGHT NOW cause like as soon as you find something you like it's too BIG or it shows something you'd rather not show or whatever

lovin your art by the way, dude, +fav