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Update plss
I agree. Cant stand it.
Will Mars ever understand that Hayden is all he need? Damn..
Talking about being rude. Poor little thing.
This is getting more and more awkward to read. Doesn't feels right.
December 20th, 2016
Here! Dude. I'm just so glad to see this comic again. Your work is amazing. Thank you very much. Will stick around and watch for any update.
Seems like this new year is coming with some great looking comics. Hope to see more of your work. Is beautifully made.
Man... this was unexpected. This comic is way better than I had hope before I start reading it. I mean. I really loved every part of this work. If there is more chapters or a sequel, I'll definitely read it. Thanks.
Yeahhhh and no. This ruins the picture. Hayden is probably not feeling that great now, is he? I prefer 'Mars'
Srly more please. Wanna know what's next already. Hahhaha they both are the best.
Stop dude. How are you gonna pretend, when you have HAYDEN right there. He is way better.
Indeed. Ruins the mood.
I'm not dreaming, right?
My my.. this is what I'm talking about. Finally. Love those both. They are the best. This comic is surreal in an superb way.
Nice work. Really love the story!
please update soon. WHAT IS GOING ON?! Is insane. How Mars is like that just from his touch?
To Projectantiheart
<< I'm curious - do you think there would be anything romantic between the two in the future, or will they "just" continue to be work partners/friends? :) >> -GNILDRYW

Right on the point. I'm curious too.

Also, if in a future there is a chance to see a continuation of both of them and the developement of this friendship.

From the bottom of my heart, WAS WORTH WAITING FOR THIS COMIC. Thanks for your hard work. Looking forwad to see more of your art.
Yeah! Please feel free to stay. All we're thankful to you Mars!

Btw I said already that I love this comic very much ?
Can't help it. Never seeing smth with such beautiful art before. Very outstanding clapsclaps* kinda troublesome..where could I EVER find guys with those kind of looks?
July 11th, 2015
uhown best drama queen. they're so cute together. aff why would he make him cry? poor little (sulking) sweety.
i could go for this couple. much better than his 'best friend'