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Hello I'm a comic writer. I currently have multiple comics in development but it will take to long for them to be completed. If any artists that would like to help with the comics I would be very greatful. The comics I develop are all about conflict and all about action with plenty of jokes.

Though I am working on my main project and have little time for the others. I will work on the comics if there is a artist willing to help with the comic they want to help with. I am almost done and when finished I will get to working on the other projects. There is a bright side to this with the other story's not fully complete you can add your character as long as it follows the story's plot.
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Funny thing is I would like to hit that small ball as well.
Why can't everyone not lose there stuff so easily but I guess that's to much to ask
Hey if she was a golden color fur and used the lighting cloke I'm sure we call her a super kajit so better to go with fire
I think it's great if it needs any improvement I don't see it.
Ah i remember that quest. That guy was a dick. Also no that spell doesnt it just a time limit
Im scared now and i just read it
Nothing but sorrow felt here
Didn't that scroll cause you to blow up?
I feel bad how almost no one know what happened to the team
Don't piss off
Scary and I may use lighting in that world but not enough for her
Lol he can't do shit at her
Wow he must not have a great view of his surroundings when he talks no wonder he's stuck on level 3
Oh I can't wait to see him turn around
Dang surviving a hyper beam and drow- oh wait, well surviving that stunt is impressive and hope he recovers soon.
Hairy vs Baldy
OMG its hairy vs baldy 100 gold on the cat
It's alive!!! Its a Christmas mirical!!!
I guess he wants his ass beat again
Main gues Iten will be forced into a new line of work and not question it and go along with it. If not then I'm a idiot