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Hey guys. I'm a 16 year old, into video games, books, comics, anime, all the good stuff.
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    Seth Karstad
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@Guest: And the eyes. I have a feeling they are very similar, or the same. When the moon came out, the Beast was gone, and the Hunter was there.
Does anyone else notice a resemblance between the speech bubbles of the Hunter and the Beast?
His unsureness is so cute. He's always worried about whether he's doing something right, or if something is ok. I love it, and feel a connection with him (Ink)
Speech Bubbles
I just love what you've done with the speech bubble. Different for every character, and related to their personality/style. And your art is just beautiful. Some of the earlier updates had cracks on the walls in the backround, which looked amazing and well done. Keep up the good work Miyuli :)
I really like the speech bubbles, and how they are different for all the different characters. It's a really cool detail you've added.
Those mean foxes :( Tricking Ink like that :(