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Grammar Nazis
@Puarftw: I am not the troll this fandom wants but I am the troll this fandom needs
Watch this be a Sonic 06 type of reboot
@Tomhankscruiser: Shut the fuck up nipple sticks, your being a whiny little shit on every comic you look at
@SovietSpriter: Ugh your avatar is fucking disgusting nigga
@kcspice: Damn right my nigger!
Do you even LOOK at the time he posts you jackass?
He posts his stuff like 4 HOURS before Mawi does, and way more frequently
I hope your just jokin or autistic, cuz that was pretty fuckin shitty
@diablomunster: What if I'm Koalachan, Mawio is Kcspice, and poopfacelicker is my father
@Fuckfaith: Why the fuck would I reply to MYSELF?
But you're right. I AM Broblade. I like men. And little children. And little children fucking men
@Retromike: don't talk to my slave like that! weren't you all sucking his dick awhile ago, asking him to unban you on one of his comics you little bitch boy
@Turbanator: Excuse me Osama Bin Bitch Boy, who the FUCK do you think you are??
I'M the conductor of this flame war, now go crash your plane somewhere else
@Retromike: *fuck
I'm not lonely, I have your facebook page to beat my meat to
@Retromike: omg you fags, couldn't this wait until morning? masturbating always keeps me up for a few hours and I'm about to blow my fucking elephant sized load all over this flame war
@broblade12: Bitch I'm fabulous, everyone loves me. Nice avatar faggot, it makes you look like you're a dyslexic artard artist
@broblade12: who invited faggot mcbitchass back to the party?
Why do SO many pages have Malons name in them?
@Long comment guy: thank yeezus for that! I've wasted enough time replying, I could've been watching porn. Fuck dude...
@Aaaaaugh: ONLY 7 MINUTES??
Nigga, you wrote enough text to make the fanfic I munk off to!!
KFCSpicolie, don't listen to this fag! I Heart this shit! +Fan -Fan +Fan
@I have no exact names: holy jelly filled scrotums how long did it take you to write that?
Lol it's so long I lost interest 1/3 of the way reading it
Leave the grammar nazi'ing to me punk
Critiquing this nig is MY life's work